Monday, January 25, 2010

Exciting Day for McBaby :)

Today has been a VERY exciting day! It started out where I was constantly checking in on EBay to assure that the item we were watching didn't get bid on "too" much!

You see, the bedding we want for McBaby is EXTREMELY expensive online, so I started checking out EBay :) Well, guess what... I won the item today at 4:56 PM! I paid more than half of the price...

Josh claims he wasn't sure what to think when he saw me freaking out in the last few seconds and then again when we won! YEAH :) Now McBaby has bedding! And it's new-I've already talked with the seller (before purchasing)...never opened - smoke free home :)

Next Josh and I moved on over to the AMC (Austin Medical Center) for our first night of prenatal classes!

We weren't sure what to expect...but quickly realized who we "should" and "should not" talk to! It was interesting! It was also very nice for me to hear that it's okay to have your husband give you back rubs all the time-it helps practice being calm! So, Josh-bring them on :)

He also got to experience pain! They had us hold ice in our fists for a little more than 30 seconds. We were supposed to bring the pain to a diff. location in our bodies (practicing for contractions)...Josh admitted afterwards that it was very eye opening for him! Try it - it sucks!

Josh is going to be posting here soon...I know we're all looking forward to a Josh update :) I know I am!

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