Wednesday, January 6, 2010


WOW, I can't believe there are only 10 more weeks until McBaby arrives :)

I get daily emails about McBaby's growth...and this is the quote from one of my emails this week:

What you're thinking: "Wait a minute. The size of what is going to come out something that's the size of what?! Are you kidding me?"

...This has been in my thoughts CONSTANTLY...and I've had dreams...not pleasant!

This past week, McBaby has made many changes. There have been some "Out with the old, in with the new" things going on inside of my womb.

* McBaby's height and weight has not made too many major changes this week. The reason for this being the majority of McBaby's energy has been channeled to developing his/her brain!

* McBaby's brain has began to develop even more :) It has been "smooth" this entire pregnancy, and now it is starting to develop new characteristics like grooves and indentations. The reason for this is that the wrinkles are allowing for an increased amount of brain tissue-which will help McBaby survive and have the necessary "street" smarts for life outside the womb!

* McBaby's bone marrow has taken over production of red blood cells! For you medics out there...this is REALLY exciting :) It's a very important step for McBaby (YEAH - everyone go celebrate!) this basically means that McBaby will be able to thrive on his/her own once born.

* McBaby's fingernails and toenails are finally finished growing! Which means one thing...we'll have to cut them...

* McBaby is also opening his/her beautiful eyes when he/she is awake! Yes-eyes wide open :) That means I can start playing "I spy something long and dangling in front of you...Yes, an umbilical cord!" You better not dig your nails into that sucker :)

* What's out...the lanugo (the hair). McBaby has been full of hair (kind of like an animal) for quite some time. This was in place to help keep McBaby warm. Well, McBaby is starting to develop more fat (yeah for chubby baby cheeks) and McBaby's brain is developing more, which is regulating his/her body temperature.

This has been a pretty big week for McBaby :)

As far as McMommy goes...well, I have had some major changes as well...

1. Poor Josh! He has to hear me complain and see me lounging a bit more!

2. My poor mom! She gets to hear me complain as well...because heck, that's what girls do- they go to their mom!!! (Thanks mom for always being there!)

3. My back has been bothering me for quite some time now, but I wasn't quite sure of the extent until's gotten to the point where sitting isn't comfortable, standing isn't comfortable, and laying down isn't what am I left with?
...if you have the answer-let me know!

4. If you know me, you know I have a lot of energy and am rarely tired. Well, recently I have been EXHAUSTED. Maybe it is because it's our first week back to school since our long break. Maybe it's because I'm making a baby! Either way - I just want to sleep ALL DAY!!

A fun fact: I burn more energy laying down (making a baby), than Josh does working out...which would probably explain why I am more tired all of the time!

Some things I'm so thankful for:
* Josh! He is so amazing! He is making sure I'm always eating, always comfortable and always getting enough rest. He is buying an endless supply of milk for me and jokes that it might be cheaper to just buy a cow! He let me go out and buy hospital pajamas, slippers and a robe (yes they all match!), and he never complains when I come home with new baby stuff! The latest is books for McBaby! Yeah for sensory books! He is going to be such an amazing daddy! I'm so excited to see McBaby in his arms for the first time! The rest of you will have to witness this via pictures...but I'll hold the memory in my mind forever!

* No stretch marks=McBaby you are already a great child!

* I'm SO GRATEFUL that I haven't "swelled" yet! I have heard of several woman who started to swell before 30 weeks, and I am so happy that I'm not one of them. Maybe it's because I wear knee high socks everyday!

* TMI (too much information), but I'm thankful that I have strong kegel muscles! You see, it has to deal with the end of my school day:
12:30-1:40 = Math Centers. I am sitting down the majority of the time teaching small math groups at instructional levels. I also have a bottle of water next to me that I continually take drinks from. When centers are over, I stand up...and then McBaby uses my bladder like a trampoline...
1:40-1:50 = Getting my students ready to go home for the day (do I go to the bathroom or do I stay and supervise...obviously stay)...
1:50-1:55 = Walking my students out to the bus. I require all of my students to shake my hand before leaving. On top of the hand shake, most of my students go in for "THE HUG!" Now, remember, I teach kindergarten. Their heads rest against my stomach! So when they go in for the hug - they press against my stomach...pushing McBaby EVEN FURTHER into my bladder!
- Again, too much information...but it has to be said!

* I am thankful for Lisa Denzer & Kristen Becker :) The two of them have borrowed maternity clothes to me...I finally bought my first pair of maternity dress pants, because I have been wearing their clothes :) I have the greatest friends EVER! So when they decide to have more children, I will be able to borrow my clothes to them! Great system I think!

Now that this turned into a Grammy Award Speech...I'm going to go throw my feet up and relax with my 3 cute, cuddly kitties (yes, Cooper is starting to come around!) and force mandatory cuddle time with Josh :)

YEAH for 10 more weeks!!! This is going to go SO FAST!!!

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  1. Cori, you've become quite the blogger! I enjoy reading these.. good luck w/ the remaining 10 weeks of pregnancy. the last couple seem to take FOREVER! you look great, too -- and happy :)


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