Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Week 29 and I'm feeling Fine!

Week 28 came and went...now we are onto week 29. Someone stop time...it's going WAY too fast!

McBaby received many Christmas presents this year already! Clothes, books, movies, toys, and even a swing and a bouncer :) Josh and I put them together-we are SO EXCITED!

I asked Josh, while he was working on the swing, "Does this make you feel like a Daddy?" He responded with, "No, not yet..."

DARN! Although on Christmas Eve night McBaby was moving around SO MUCH! I swear you could feel his/her foot sticking straight out of me! It was amazing. I am so glad that Josh was able to feel it as well. I try to grab his hand and put it on my stomach whenever McBaby decides it is time to move around.

Currently, McBaby is about 3 pounds and is approximately 17 inches long. You are probably thinking, "that's almost as long as babies are when they are born"...well, yes, you are correct! McBaby needs to fatten up a bit, so the majority of the growing-length- is about finished...just a few more inches. The growing -outward-is going to continue. McBaby will double in weight from now until his/her grand entrance.

McBaby's eyes are currently blue; however, now is the time they could start changing colors. Mcbaby is going to have one of three things happen to him/her...
1. Born with Blue eyes and they stay blue
2. Born with Blue eyes and they change within the first 9 months (mine changed when I was in 10th grade...so we'll see how accurate we are)
3. Change NOW...

I am also at the point in our pregnancy that we need to be "counting kicks". Twice a day, the Dr. has ordered me to STOP and RELAX (AWESOME). I am supposed to feel 10 kicks within one hour. If I don't feel that, it could just be that McBaby is taking a little break, so they recommend to eat something sugary to help activate our little critter...then try again.

I've been doing a lot more eating...it's about every 2 hours I have something light to eat. Christmas sure did me in on all the sweets. Although my glucose test came back negative (I do not have gestational diabetes)...I still need to keep an eye on what I eat...

I also have the "Linea Nigra" going on - AKA-the brown line going from above my belly button to below it. I don't mind it really...it's another fun change my body is going through. I love experiencing all of these different changes.

Also, depending on the time of day, my belly button is completely out! This picture doesn't do justice to the amount it has popped out, but it's pretty far out here. In the morning, I'm barely showing, and my belly button is almost all of the way in. By late afternoon, my stomach is out, rock hard, and my belly button is out!

Houston-we have a mover!!

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