Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Week 26 and a Blizzard Please!

I am not talking about a DQ Blizzard; although that does sound delightful! I am talking about the fact that we have a SNOW DAY today due to the blizzard that has been moving through Austin since last night and today!

We have a ton of snow in our yard, but it is hard to tell exactly how much due to the fact that so much has drifted. There are parts where you can still see the tips of the grass or even the driveway, but then there are other parts that the drifts are up over 2-3 feet high! I'm not really sure how much we've gotten!

Poor Josh will have to move it all...LUCKILY...we were looking through and trying to figure out how we could afford a snow blower this year knowing a baby is on the way and we need to save for day care (starting in the fall)...and there just wasn't any way we were going to make it work. Then the Heaven's opened up on Tuesday at school, and our friends, Ellie and Harold told us they would lend us their extra snow blower this winter! They brought it over last night before it got TOO bad outside!

Now Josh just has to blow the snow...

No he's not lazy and Yes he could shovel...but we have a very wide, long driveway, so it makes it tough...and with the drifts...we are so thankful for the Verdoorn's!!

At 26 weeks, I have been realizing how quickly we are coming to the end! We have 14 weeks left to go...less than 100 days until McBaby is here :) And this time is going to go by so quickly! We might as well take away all of December, because we all know how quickly this month goes by!

McBaby is weighing in at 2 whole pounds! Can you believe it! Well, according to the books he/she is at 2 pounds! And a whole 9 inches tall :)

McBaby is also opening his/her eyes now! They recommend taking a flashlight and flashing it at my stomach! McBaby may respond with some kicks in that area! McBaby can also hear and respond to sounds. I told Josh he better start talking to my belly now so McBaby will know exactly who his/her daddy is :)

Did you know that ALL babies inside the uterus have blue eyes!? No matter their ethnicity. I find that to be extremely interesting. McBaby may come out with blue eyes, but they may change after 6 months. Will they be blue like daddy or green like mommy?? eyes were brown until I was in about 9th/10th grade-then they changed green. Weird, I know!

My stomach is growing rather quickly as well. My students are very quick to remind me how big I am getting! I can still wear all of my "small" t-shirts and one pair of my normal jeans. I choose to wear maternity clothes everyday for comfort!

Looks like my list of things to do today needs to get started now! I want to have everything clean and organized by noon so I can enjoy the rest of the day! If Josh wakes up anytime soon, I will start vacuuming :)

I heart snow days :) Just hope we don't have "too" many of them to cause any problems for my maternity leave...we get 3 scheduled in the year, and there is one make up day scheduled (during my leave) if we have to go back at the end of the year for an extra day....DANG IT! It'll all work out :)

All of my Christmas decorations are up, my tree is lit (and cat free) and all of our Christmas presents are wrapped and under the tree, ready to give to everyone! I LOVE my new Willow Tree Nativity set! I have been wanting this for a few years now, so I am so so so happy Josh let me buy it when it was 50% off the entire set :) I didn't buy 1 I'll have to go back when they have another sale to purchase it :)

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  1. Love the Willow Tree Nativity! My Mom just sent me an "early" Christmas gift w/ the mary/joseph set in it! I'm hoping to collect the rest of the next few Christmas'!


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