Sunday, December 20, 2009

Holiday Cheer

I had some fun with our cookie cutters and decided to post the results of my decorating!!

I asked Josh afterwards if he wanted to eat them and he said, "I can eat those? I thought they were special and couldn't eat!" Silly silly...of course he can :) I'll just have to do it again at a later date with McBaby's name :)

Some with sprinkles and some without :)

My mom and dad are coming down tomorrow to spend the night! Lucky for my dad he'll get to enjoy these as well! He is going to play "Santa" at our school on Tuesday morning, and then they spend the day in my classroom with me :) It's really fun, I love having them in my class-and so do my kids every year! My students are always shocked to see that I actually have a mom and dad too! It's like they think I am too old or something :)

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