Wednesday, December 16, 2009

27 Weeks!

Pretty soon we are going to be doing the daily countdown! For now, we're at 13 more weeks...which is NOT a long time AT ALL; however, it feels like eternity!

This past weekend Josh and I traveled up to Maple Grove and had a delicious dinner with his mom and had a small Christmas gathering...just the 3.75 of us :) Josh's favorite "Christmas Cookie" is Krumcake...which I have NO IDEA how to make. Well, no idea until Lynn came to the rescue! I am now the proud owner of a Krumcake kit and a Rosetta kit...I'll let you know how it goes! It was a lot of fun to go up there!!

She also bought us our VERY FIRST PACK of DIAPERS :) Yes...I'm so pumped! Size N (newborn) and Size 1 :) YEAH!

On Sunday night I washed ALL of our baby clothes and blankets. I could not have been more excited about folding the sweet little clothes and putting them away...what a joy! I can't get over how sweet and perfect the little socks are...they are adorable! I was worried they would get lost in the washing machine-but I was wrong!

Also, I have my very first shower date SET :) January 31st! I could not be more excited! I seriously have been blessed with the most amazing friends EVER! I love Austin...these friends are our other family...

Our baby is currently more than 2 pounds and is about 15 inches long....that's longer than a foot! HOLY CATS! No wonder I feel him/her moving around so much in there!

Josh and I enjoy staring at my stomach and watching little punches/kicks. And since McBaby can now hear...we are able to talk to him/her. It's a little awkward still, but we'll get used to it. Josh asked me, "So what do I say??" I think that is the question all dads ask...what do you say to a stomach? My response....just talk. When I'm by myself, I am talking McBaby, telling him/her all about the day, the weather, where I am, etc...poor kid can't get away from me talking all the time!

Couple of fun stories from a friend's daughter:
Girl: "Do you know what you are having yet?"
Me: "No, we aren't going to find out either. What do you think we are having?"
Girl: "I don't know, but do you have any names picked out?"
Me: "Some, but it's really hard. What do you think we should name our baby?"
Girl: "Well, I can tell you this much. If you have a girl, don't name her Paige. Then kids will tease her like 'Paige, turn the Page'".

Too funny!

Also, I have my class completely trained! I got a new student yesterday, and my class was telling her all about me. They told her I was pregnant, and so I explained that I have a baby growing in my tummy (as she could clearly tell)...and one of my little girls raised her hand. When I called on her she said, "Mrs. McRae is not fat, she has a baby growing in her tummy!" HAHAHAHAHA...I just about died.

The things these kids say and do...they just crack me up :)

Christmas is next week...all our shopping is done, presents wrapped, cookies baked (expect Krumcaka and Rosetta's) and decorations up and Christmas cards MAILED! I love this time of the year :)

Happy week before Christmas :)

Oh yeah - some fun tidbits:
* I have gained 16 pounds (which seems like a lot...but the baby is growing at least!) You can do the math to figure out my original weight if you want to, but I have hit 160 for the first time in my LIFE! Which was a little scary to see.
* I have also had some SERIOUS back pains lately. Poor Josh has been rubbing my back every night. It's not my lower back either, like typical pregnancies...but up near my shoulder blades. I think my body isn't used to carrying so much weight up top...if you can catch my drift!
* I LOVE MILK...I drink more than my daily dose, yet I can't seem to get enough of it! We go through a gallon every two days...and it's usually just me drinking it!
* Monday we go in for our Diabetes test...I'm not looking forward to drinking the nasty stuff...

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  1. I'm having serious milk cravings too! Oh and PS- the glucose drink is nasty! It tastes like orange pop X10 the sugar content! it's gross!


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