Monday, October 11, 2010

Callie's Busy Schedule!

As Callie's personal assistant, I would like to take this opportunity to let everyone know that she is currently sleeping and catching up on her beauty rest! I, on the other hand, am up-filling everyone in on her busy life...lacking sleep!

Callie's October has been fun filled and packed with so many different events! This poor girl is living her mother's lifestyle...always keeping busy!

Callie enjoyed walking in her very first parade! The Austin Packer Homecoming Parade. Every year our school walks in the parade behind a HUGE banner that reads their "class". The kids all wave little flags that say their "Critter" and name. We made Callie a sign to have taped to her stroller..."Class of 2028"...HOLY CATS! She LOVED it! She had such a fun time walking in this parade and showing herself off to the community of Austin!

She has enjoyed her playdates with friends! Here Callie is playing with Brayden Becker-we had dinner with his parents. I loved watching them play together and watching how careful Brayden was around her :) He did enjoy playing with her giraffe-and she shared! Good girl, Callie :)

Callie attended her second wedding of the season! She only was able to go to the wedding, because mommy and daddy wanted to enjoy the evening together. So we had our 2nd paid babysitter play with Callie :) She did such a wonderful job! Our little miss decided to get up and stay up for a good hour...I think she was just having so much fun with Hannah that she didn't want to go back to bed...little stinker!

It was the day after she had 4 (yes 4) shots. She had her 6 month appointment on this past Friday. She was a trooper though...only cried during the shots and bounced right back :) She weighed in at 17.6 pounds - 75% for weight (little chunker went up 25%). And she is 26 inches long - 50% for height. Meaning...she's short and chunky :) But she's truly enjoying eating all of her meals-so I'm glad she's such a good eater!

Callie LOVES going to Jessica's for daycare! Jessica's kids seriously adore her-you can tell! Callie just loves them as well ;) Whenever we get there, Callie just lights up with excitement! Sometimes I think she doesn't want to come home-she'd rather stay and play...which is a good thing :) Josh and I are so blessed to have Jessica in our lives taking care of our baby girl while we go to work everyday! I wouldn't change it for the world!

Callie also visited Grandpa Don & Sharon recently! We had such a delicious breakfast (he makes the best French Toast)! It was a great time relaxing and spending time together. Callie LOVED eating the fruit Sharon had out for us to eat :) We use these mesh holders that you can put fresh fruit in, and Callie devoured the banana's and strawberries! It was a riot!

We also traveled to Emma Krumbee's Apple Orchard and Pumpkin Patch for the afternoon! I LOVED IT - oh, and so did Callie :) This is something I love doing as a family, so I was excited Grandpa Don and Sharon were able to be apart of! This is something my mom and dad always did with us girls...I'm glad the tradition continues with Josh and Callie and I :)

Callie loved riding on her first "kid" train ride, watching mom and dad race around in tricycles, riding a CAMEL - yes a REAL LIVE CAMEL, picking out apples and pumpkins :) We even ate at Emma Krumbee's restaurant - which is amazing! Thank you so much for a delicious dinner! We still can't believe how much Callie ate ! I think she was showing off for her Grandpa-trying to see who could eat more! I'll be honest- I think she won!

She is moving around like crazy and getting ready to crawl! We have our video camera ready to go for the moment she begins crawling...I think it's going to be very soon! We actually thought it was going to happen tonight...

We had some more photo shoots of Callie as well! Her Minnesota Vikings and Minnesota Twins photo shoot! Enjoy-they're super cute pictures :)

Oh yeah - look who has 2 more teeth!

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