Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall Festival & Casey's Birthday Party!

This weekend I intended to do a "Day in the Life of Callie - October Edition"; however, I dropped the ball on that so I have a Weekend Fun weekend instead :)

On Saturday, Grandpa Don (Papa as Callie says) and Sharon came down for the day/night. We went to the Fun Fall Festival in Austin (called Fall Festival, but I added the "fun" because it was fun!!) This was such a blast - I think Callie could have stayed all day if we let her!

She got her face painted right away :) Daddy picked the basketball - which was drawn on my Teeny :) She's a former basketball player of mine, and has babysat for us. We were lucky to have her paint the basketball on Callie's face! She sat very nicely too :) Might have helped that she was eating cotton candy while her face was being painted!

There was a section of TONS of cars - cop cars, fire trucks, school buses, tractors, semis, you name it - it was there :) Callie LOVED the school bus best :) Here she was giving knuckles to the police officer!
I love this look of her on the school bus :) She was SO excited to be on it! She looks like such a big girl here - luckily she's still my little girl :)

Everybody was ready for a ride! Only they didn't give out rides! I asked everyone to sit down for the picture :) Sometimes it benefits to be the one behind the camera :) Hehe!

The door was locked :( Bummer... Some day I'll ride a tractor :)

Callie and the fire truck :) If you haven't noticed her boots yet - take a look :) LOVE THEM! I seriously wish they had them in my size!

Driving the city bus around! She sat here for about 5 minutes. We had to pull her out of there - and she was NOT happy to be leaving!

Walking back to the "Jump House" and more entertainment!

Fall Family Photo op :) They were taking pictures as well, so I'm excited to pick this up sometime this week :)

Grandpa & Sharon got their picture taken with Callie as well :) I will mail you your copy as soon as I pick it up :)

Scott was there as well! He is a former student of mine that I worked with in high potential reading and math! Every time Callie came to school, she went right to Scott! Looks like he hasn't lost his touch either...she still loves him :)

After the Fall Festival, we went out to eat and then Little Miss took a very short nap :) We headed over to Casey Denzer's 3rd Birthday Party! He is our Godson and keeper of Callie's heart :) Seriously - this girl stares out our window saying his name over and over again...she LOVES Casey! They have a love hate relationship though :)

Callie was swinging outside their house - pretty much sat here for 10-15 minutes! Almost fell asleep :) Her Gopher hat fits her better this year too :)

See - she's not all dolls and shoes :) She'll play with trucks :)

Taking pictures :) She would hold it up to her nose and mouth, squint her eyes and pretend to take a picture :) Christmas list idea for any grandparent out there...toy camera :)

Time for cupcakes :) She devoured this cupcake!

And now she's in a cupcake coma :)

The Denzer Family on Casey's 3rd Birthday :) I love the independence in this picture :) "I'm 3, I don't have to sit in this picture!" This is the greatest family memory picture EVER!!!

Josh and I with our Godson :) Happy 3rd Birthday Casey Paul :)

Ah yes :) A McRae Sandwich held together by the Denzer kids :)

We had such a fun day! The Fall Festival was a blast, Casey's birthday party was a hit and "Papa" & Sharon came down to spend some time with Callie! It was a great weekend!

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  1. Oh so cute! Love the camera picture and the one where you made everyone sit in the bus! :)


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