Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Today is Tuesday, October 4, 2011. Josh and I have been trying to get pregnant since September. I, for some weird reason, thought it was going to take a long time (I thought this with Callie too!)...

On Sunday, September 25th, I took an at home pregnancy test. My idea was to surprise Josh on his Birthday (September 27th) with a positive pregnancy test :) However, my plan failed as my test came back "Not Pregnant". I will admit, I was VERY sad. Ever since Josh and I had decided we were going to begin trying for #2, I had the most amazing thoughts of our family of 4 going through my mind!

This past Sunday, Oct. 2, was supposed to be the start of my menstrual cycle. Nothing! That's okay, sometimes it comes a day later (too much information for you!?!?) Monday...Nothing!

So Monday night, Callie and I headed to the store to pick up an at home pregnancy test (I was out...wasting them when it was still too early to tell).

Tuesday morning, I woke up earlier than Josh, went into the bathroom and peed on the stick. While brushing my teeth, I waited so impatiently...watching the hour glass turn back and forth (digital test-they are the BEST)...and then finally - the word I had been waiting to see appeared! "PREGNANT!"

YES! This is happening :) I remember thinking how amazing this was, thanking God, and then realizing I couldn't tell Josh yet. I wanted it to be fun!

After school, I ran around to different stores, trying my hardest to find the perfect Halloween costume... Here's how it all played out :)

The card read, "Daddy, Guess What, I'm going to "BEE" a big sister! We love you Daddy, Love Callie & Baby XOXOXO"

He was so excited! After I stopped recording, he told me to get over there - it was a very emotional moment, because at that moment, we BOTH knew that we were a family of 4!

We decided to wait as long as possible to tell anyone else :) So if you're reading this and it's been awhile since October 4...get over it! At least you know now!!!

June 10, 2012...That's when this bundle of Joy is due to arrive :)

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