Sunday, October 2, 2011


I am sorry to write a blog post without many pictures, but there is something you need to know...

This was the first weekend in 4 weeks that we were able to stay home. Saturday we drove up to the cities to attend a Memorial for a family friend who passed away :( Adrian Ebel was an incredible man, grumpy man, but incredible! He lived 3 houses up the street from my parents. He introduced me to his granddaughters, Lexi & Denise over 20 years ago! Denise and I stayed in touch via snail mail growing up - she's from Montana!

Denise and I - first met when I was 6 & she was 7 :)

This was the first time I've seen her since we first met 20 years ago!

We decided to drive home on Saturday evening, and I am so glad we did. We were able to sleep in our own bed, wake up in our own house, and spend the day in (what we thought was going to be) sweatpants...however, the weather was too beautiful to be in all 3 of us ended up in shorts :) We played, we went for walks, Callie pushed her baby in the stroller around the block, did some yard work, and some painting!

This picture was taken last week. Since then we've added more fall decor outside!
Such as a straw bail, more corn stalks, and a yellow pumpkin (a hidden pumpkin that I found today - AFTER I ripped up it's vines!)

I love weekends at home with my family :) Turns out, I don't want to go up to the cities for awhile...sorry to say it, but we need to spend time at home :)

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