Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pretty, pretty princess

Callie was having fun playing today, so I started playing with the different settings on my camera :) I think they some of these pictures and videos turned out pretty darn cute!

:) She fell asleep during tummy time!
She also slept during our Reading Class at the Public Library :)

She has been such a good girl still! She slept for 6 straight hours last did that feel good for me :) I started reading a book during her feedings. Since I have to hold her upright for so long actually gives me a lot of reading time! I figure I'm awake anyway...mine as well read a book!

Callie also had a baby shower this past weekend! The Muppet Mom's put it on for us! It was such a good time :) So many of our friends were there to meet Miss Callie and celebrate her life! Thank you everyone who came and celebrated! We had such a good time :) A special thank you to the Muppet Moms for putting on such a fun shower :) Callie is already wearing her headbands...and as soon as her hair is long enough, she will move into the other hair accessories!

JOGGING STROLLER from the Muppet Moms :)
Friends - Jummy & Laura were hysterical :)
Opening gifts
Probably the ONLY 27 year old to still be in close contact with her first grade teacher :) Miss Johnson!
The Muppet Moms!
Back - Shawn (Elmo) & my mom (Kermie)
Front - Jennifer (Worm), Linda (Grover), & Debbie (Godmother & Gonzo)
I love these women so much :)

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