Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Callie's First Easter

Callie had such a busy weekend! So busy that it has thrown off her whole week.

It began by waking up early to travel to my mom and dad's house on Saturday. Mike O'Halloran came over and photographed her :) I don't need to tell you who he is, because he has photographed so much for us (engagement, wedding, maternity and now Callie). We cranked the heat up in my mom's house and had Callie wrapped in blankets, but this little model would NOT go to sleep! Usually when babies are that warm they zonk out and the photographers can mold her anyway they want. Not Miss Callie! She was up for 5.5 hours on Saturday :) Mike got some UNBELIEVABLE pictures of her :)

After her photo shoot, Josh and I brought Miss Callie to the Mall of America for her first shopping experience! After being awake the entire afternoon, she slept the entire experience. We met Grandma Lynn at the mall for dinner...thank you for traveling to come see her! It makes it A LOT easier on us :) Callie opened her eyes for about 1 min. to say hi to her grandma :) I was sure excited...New York & Company had the BEST SALE EVER! Everything was 50% off...yup...EVERYTHING :)

That night was rough. Because Callie had such a busy afternoon, she was up a lot throughout the night. Thankfully my mom took her in the morning and let Josh and I sleep! Callie and Gramma read the paper together Easter morning while Gramma had her coffee!

Easter Sunday we originally planned to go to church, but because we were up all night, Josh and I didn't move until we missed church. Luckily God understands! Callie received her first Easter baskets :) One from Grandma Lynn (she gave it to her at the mall), one from my parents and one from us :) This girl did good!!!

My sisters all came over on Easter Sunday! Herold couldn't make it because he was up sick all night and didn't want to get Callie sick...we missed him though! It was so much fun, because a group of us were in my mom's backyard playing an intense game of HORSE! I must say, I still got it :) Even after having a baby!

Josh went back to work again this week...which sucks :(

Callie has been a lot more fussy for us recently, and it's not normal for her. Her eyes have been goopy too, so we thought she had developed a cold. We made an appointment for her to see her Dr. and the results are totally different than what expected. Callie has Reflux...meaning the muscles in her stomach aren't keeping her food down causing her to have heart burn and spit up more. It's eating away at her esophagus too :( So we have to limit her feedings to a total of 30 min. (15 min. each side) - I'm nursing...and then hold her up for 15-20 min. afterwards. She also has to take medicine to help her reflux. We have to keep an eye on it for another week and if it worsens, it may be something else :( Our poor little Princess. We feel so sad for her, but feel so relieved to know that we can now help her. Where as before this, she would cry and be so sad and we had no idea what. We are proud of ourselves for bringing her in to get checked.

We also had to resort to a pacifier - something we didn't want to do. Because we have to limit her feedings, the Dr. said the pacifier will help her "sucking" instinct and keep her calm. So far it has worked...


  1. Aww poor little thing!! My daughter had reflux when she was a newborn too. :( Hopefully the meds help Callie and she can be comfortable! Don't feel to bad about the pacifier. It does make life a little easier and isn't that bad to take away when the time comes. Good job trusting your instincts and taking her in! By the way, her Easter dress is so cute!

  2. Baby Cawie has as an uh oh!! I love baby Cawie she is cute with her uh oh!

    Love, Andrew!


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