Sunday, March 22, 2015

Callie's Spring Stage Show!

I am going to be a little behind on some posts - like today!  I am going to post about her stage show that took place today, but I still need to post about her Ice Show, birthday party and DISNEY!  Seriously, how have I missed these things!!!!

So today, Callie had her Spring Stage Show for dance!  I am so incredibly proud of this girl!  The moment she was dancing, I looked over at Josh and he whispered to me, "She's really good!"  I couldnt' have been more proud!  She is wonderful!  Her confidence was exploding out of her today!  I'm not sure if it was the song or the fact that she is 5 now!

Here are some fun pictures and the video from tonight!  I love you Callie Lynae, I am so incredibly proud of you :)

Callie and her friend, Clara

Callie and her friend, Camryn 

Callie and her friend, Aurora! 

Just to show that our life isn't always sunshine and rainbows - our boys HATE taking pictures... 

But I always get them to smile eventually :) :) 


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