Saturday, May 19, 2012


This week has been very refreshing - YES I have been bored, I will admit that right away...but very enjoyable as well :)  I have felt more relaxed and amazing combination :)

Josh and I had practically reorganized EVERY SINGLE room & closet in our entire house from December-Now, so I didn't feel the need to clean anything; however, the dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing...those went unfinished :(  And my garden is still a big old dirt pile...

But AMAZING news :)  I have started doing a lot more walking and other activities to help induce labor...Obviously I'm writing this post, so the babies are STILL inside of me, but maybe not for long!  We went to our Dr. appointment on Friday afternoon to hear some news...

First things first - Heart Rates:
Baby A - 140 BPM (much higher than usual)
Baby B - 128 BPM (I believe - it was either 128 or 132 BPM - We can't remember...)  It was much lower than usual...

Our Dr. used the ultra sound to see where their heads were, and BOTH babies are head down ;)  WHOA WHO!  So excited!

I have officially gained 42 pounds-which doesn't bother me!

And the good news...are you ready because I can hardly STAND IT!  He started checking me for dilation - at first he said nothing, but then he said - nope - 2...NOPE...3!  YES, we are 3 cm dilated :)  WHOA WHO!!!!  Then he followed that with the fact that we are also 50% effaced (thinning out)...only 7 more cm to go and 50% more thinning to work on!

I celebrated with another 2 mile walk :)  I'm really hoping these babies decide to arrive this weekend :) :) :) :)

On the day we started Week 37, Callie had a birthday party to attend, so instead of driving her there, I decided - I'll walk :)  And we did!  I was wicked hot when we arrived, but when we returned, I thought I was going to die!  My butt went numb halfway home and it soon started to creep down my legs.  I guzzled down my water and was starting to get worried I would pass out.  Callie fell asleep in the stroller and we were ALMOST home.  I talked to Josh on the phone, but realized I could make it- which I DID!  It wasn't that bad - just really hot.

I now have feeling back in my butt and STILL NO CONTRACTIONS :(  Looks like Mama Mia pizza for supper...some good old spicy sausage from Steve's Pizza :)

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