Sunday, May 13, 2012

36 Weeks Pregnant - only 3 to go if I make it the whole way :)

36 weeks pregnant - do you realize what this means?  It means that we are officially in the SAFE zone :)  We can deliver these babies and they will be healthy!  We can deliver these babies IN AUSTIN!  WHOA WHO!  Chances of needing the NICU have gone WAY down and that is INCREDIBLE!  This is where I wanted to make it - and we're come on babies...time to come out :)

This is what they "look" like right now...
                           Twins in womb at 36 weeks pregnant

Head down - YES thank you :)  At our appointment on Friday, our Dr. wasn't 100% sure if Baby B's head was down.  He thought the same thing prior, so I'm feeling confident that it still is head down, but he just wasn't quite sure...which, you're feeling through so much stuff - so how does one really know what they're feeling?  It could be the babies butt he's squeezing for all we know :)

At our next appointment he wants to bring in the ultra sound and become a "head hunter" as he said :)  Basically to determine where the heads are located since we're in the "go time".

Baby A's heart beat was about 138 BMP and Baby B's heart beat was about 132 BPM (much slower than normal).

Do you see this extra bubble at the bottom of my stomach?  Well, it feels REALLY weird and gross.  My Dr. thinks it is probably a body part of some sort but not sure - he also said some fluid build up but not to be just makes my stomach hang out that much more that NOTHING's a guarantee that skin will show if I'm wearing a shirt - even Josh's size Large shirts :(

I will be honest, I was really hoping to celebrate Mother's Day with three children this year!  We've been doing everything we can to get these babies to come out - and it's just not working...  I know I know - they'll come out when they are good and ready...well, I'm good and ready (are you the one carrying twins!?!)

Friday was also my last day of work (WHOA WHO!)  I am taking this time off to relax and enjoy myself!  I've started reading some new books and intend to finish them (but would welcome any interruptions babies!!)

This picture is for you Shannon :)  Remember back in Week 24 when I compared my stomach to Callie's basketball (small ball)...well, pretty sure my stomach ATE the entire thing plus some :)

Josh put the car seat bases in our vehicle today too - and Callie LOVES sitting in the middle.  She knows those are for babies :)  We also put the car seats in the Joovy and took Callie for a little walk with the whole thing :)  LOVE this stroller!  So happy with the purchase.  The bench isn't perfect for Callie as she'd be sitting "forward", but it works when she stands - which she really enjoyed.  It'll give her the freedom to stand or walk.  She'll be able to sit when the babies are old enough to sit in the seats and not the car seats.

 There they are :)  All set and ready for a walk :)  There is another shade - I just didn't attach it.

Callie trying out the seat...she'd have to lean forward uncomfortably because of the infant carrier, but it'd do if she was tired...

 Trying out the standing part of the stroller.  She was leaning back here, but quickly realized she could hold on a different way and lean forward more :)

 Enjoying the ride!

All three ready to go :)  We'll grab the seats when we head to the hospital :)  For now, it'll look like this :)

I have been feeling AWESOME all week :)  I seriously thank my chiropractor for this :)  She has done some amazing things to my back and neck and have made this tail end of my pregnancy so comfortable.  I could honestly keep working, but know that this time off will relax me and prepare me (mentally) for what's to come.

Josh admitted he wants me to go into labor VERY soon - I think he's ready for a break from work (don't worry honey, the summer is almost here and your sleepless nights are fast approaching!)...

This is REALLY creepy though - and I have to share!  Tonight, Josh and I were downstairs catching up on "The Office" on Hulu...we missed 3 episodes- so not like us!  Anyway, he went up stairs to get some juice and ice cream cones for us and he came back down and said Callie was up and talking still (around 9:00 pm)...then a little while later we heard some movement.  I went upstairs to check on her.

When I walked in - she was laying down, but leaning on her side looking at me as if I were a ghost.  Her eyes were huge and she wouldn't say anything.  I sat down on her bed next to her and told her she needed to go to sleep.  She didn't say anything.  Then I asked her if she had a bad dream or was scared.  Still nothing - she did shake her head yes though.  Then out of NOWHERE she said, "The babies are coming".  Excuse me - what?  I said, "They are?"  She said "Yes, Later!"  Oh really now!  So I responded with "When is later?"  She said, "Later, I'll wake up and then they'll come".  I said, "Are you excited?"  And she said, "Yes, I'm Xcited (as she says it) and no sleep".

Okay - so I've decided that if we go into labor tonight, I have a psychic child...if not, it's probably just because we've been talking about it more and more to help prepare her.

For Mother's Day - we ate out at Applebees!  Check out mine and Callie's new trick :)

Callie also made a beautiful sign today for her siblings :)  The pictures will be in a separate post (and the extremely fun process), but here is the final product :)

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  1. So happy you've made it this far! that's exciting! Happy Mother's day, hope your babies come out soon. :)


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