Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It's the Little Things...

There are some things in this life that make you stop and smile!  Like when we're outside playing with Callie and she sees an airplane!  She always stops us - no matter what we are doing - to point it out!  Or when she sees an "orange bus" on the way to Jessica's house every morning!  Or her wearing her backpack to Jessica's! 

The other night Josh and I were downstairs and I heard a thud, but I figured it was Callie's water falling out of bed - as it does most nights!  Then I heard some more little thumps, so I went upstairs!  Being the amazing mother that I am, I left to grab the camera before helping her back into her bed :)

Yup - Callie fell out of her bed for the first time, didn't wake up, and didn't bother to crawl back in (asleep).  Instead - she decided to get comfy on the floor and continue sleeping :)

Callie also LOVES to have tea parties!  She'll have them with Josh and I, or she'll enjoy them with her friends!  Here she is having a tea party with four of her best friends!  Elmo, Grover, Big Bird & Cookie Monster :)  I simply ADORE her cheesy smile in this picture :)

I know you have heard about Kathleen, our amazing babysitter!  Well, I'm so very sad to inform you that Kathleen is a senior and will be leaving us in the fall for college...but we are so excited and so proud of her!  Anyway - Callie has a special place in her heart for Kathleen, and I do believe it goes both ways!

Think back to your senior prom!  Spending all day getting ready for your Grand March, making sure every piece of you is PERFECT!  Taking a million pictures with your date (in Kathleen's case, her great boyfriend Jacob), and heading off to enjoy your SENIOR PROM!

But what does Kathleen do?  She stops by our house before heading out for the evening - just so we could see how beautiful she is!  And so she could see Callie!  Seriously - who does that :)  I almost cried the moment she walked in, I really had to do what I could to hold back tears!  But yes, after she left and I thought about how special that moment really was, I teared up :)

Thank you for being such a wonderful role model and individual in Callie's life (ours too!)  We love you, Kathleen!

So the next time you are outside and a plane flies over head - stop for a second, put yourself in Callie's shoes and remember the excitement you probably felt when you saw planes flying in the sky!!

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  1. As crazy as this sounds, I still get excited when I see a plane in the sky. And I'm old!!


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