Sunday, May 6, 2012

Week 35 - Peach Fuzz & Downward Facing

This has been a very busy week for us :)  Josh and I have begun the "preparation" stage of pregnancy!  Yes we have been preparing all along, but this week has been the "get it ready" and "get it all organized" week!

First of all - check out all 188 pounds of me!  Yes - 188 pounds...HOLY CRAP!  I'm very happy to say that those are my regular shorts that fit great, so that goes to show that I'm carrying these babies in the FRONT!

Need more proof?  Check out this torpedo :)  My belly button is stretching SO much that my stretch marks are almost looking bruised...and yes, it hurts!  My chiropractor has been an ANGEL!  I have been feeling SO good and have had random boost of energy!  Yes I still like to take my evening nap after work, but let me tell you - I have been getting A LOT done :)

I finished sewing the crib skirt - so our nursery is FINALLY done (we were waiting on me for this one...I needed to sit down and just sew!).  I did it the lazy mans way though.  I only sewed 2 sides and I used Velcro on the springs to hold it on there :)  At least we won't be pulling the crib skirt every time we change the sheets!

Josh pulled EVERYTHING out of the storage room.  He then reorganized everything in there to make room for MORE stuff, while I went through all of Callie's newborn/0-3 month clothes.  I picked out the gender neutral stuff, washed it, folded it and put it in the drawers!  Her clothes we're leaving in there.  No use in washing them if we have two boys.

I also thanked myself for being so organized when I packed up her old socks, bibs, hats & burp rags.  It was so amazing how quickly I was able to get everything out and into the wash!  Now everything is in the nursery EXCEPT the burp rags - not sure where I will be putting those soon, but Heaven only knows we'll be needing them!

I also did a lot of freezing this weekend.  Okay not A LOT, but I made this delicious Taco Pasta (that's what we're calling it) dish and it was so good that I ran to the store, bought enough to make more and made a pan JUST to freeze for later - YUMMY!

I also made some yummy yogurt pops for Callie and yogurt bites :)  Brownies are currently in the oven - just because they sounded good :)

Okay - enough with food - I know, you're probably just as hungry as I am :)

Sleeping has been interesting.  I never had a problem being comfortable until this week - it has been brutal.  I just can't get comfortable.  I even tried sleeping on the couch - thinking that I take awesome naps on the couch, why wouldn't I be able to sleep there :)  WRONG!  It wasn't until last night that I had a plethora of pillows scattered all over our bed that I slept amazing!  Here's hoping for night # 2 :)

We had an ultra sound appointment on Friday!  Here are some baby stats for you:

Baby A
Heart Rate = 126 BPM
Head DOWN!!!!
Estimated 5 lbs. 6 oz. (give or take a pound she said)

Baby B
Heart Rate = 130 BPM
Head DOWN!!!!
Estimated 6 lbs. 1 oz. (give or take a pound she said)
Peach Fuzz on top of his/her head :)  YEAH!  We saw it too - it was so awesome to see the hair!  So we know for SURE Baby B has hair!  Could be blond, could be brown!  Heck - could be red!

After our ultra sound we headed upstairs for a Dr. appointment.  At first Dr. Nace couldn't find a heart beat for Baby B - I wasn't worried at all as we were just in ultra sound!  He almost called in the ultra sound machine that they have in OB, but he quickly found it :)  Here are the heart beat stats from our Dr. apt - VERY different!

Baby A = 136 BPM (pretty sure this has been SO consistent with every appointment)
Baby B = 144 BPM (also - VERY consistent with every appointment)

I have been having frequent Braxton Hicks contractions - and some of them are so painful that I have to stop and wait for it to be over.  They are more frequent than they have been in the past, but nothing to get excited about.

My Dr. also did an exam - I won't lie to you, I was REALLY hoping he would say that I was dilated to a 1, but nope - nothing :(  Looks like these babies are going to stay in here a little bit longer!

Some very exciting news - this is my last week of work :)  Josh and I talked it over and decided that I should take some time for myself to just sit around and relax - so I'm going to do just that :)  After Mother's Day I will officially be sitting around all day!  Thankfully I have some Glee to catch up on :)  And my mom is going to come keep me company :)

The weeks are going to fly by now - hopefully one of these posts will be introducing our new BABIES!!!!  Stay tuned, you never know when it'll be coming :)


  1. Are you sure you cant hang on until July??

    1. Sure - I'll just cross my legs for you :)

  2. I LOVE your blog! You have such a captivating and personal writing style, and it captures your personality perfectly. I'm "following" you now. Too late? I think not. I'm looking forward to the many adventures of the McRae family still to come.

    1. :) Thank you Crystal! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy updating it! I just hope I can continue these updates after they are born!!! Stay tuned as I'm going to try my best :)

  3. I'm so proud of you! You're doing great! Keep up the good work - I'm excited to see those babes soon!!

    1. Thanks love :) I can't wait for you to meet them! Just think - they'll be about 3 months old when they meet your Little Miss...CRAZY!

  4. Way to be productive! Good luck getting comfortable and relaxing the next few weeks.

    1. Thank you! I have a feeling they're coming! I've been really comfortable and full of energy - that has to be a sign that something is coming...



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