Saturday, May 26, 2012

Days vs. Nights

(This is my first blog post with a new app on our iPad - I hope it works! We figured out how to get pictures on here!!)

We arrived home around 1:00 PM on Wednesday May 23rd. It was so awesome to pull up in the driveway and see Callie and my mom sitting on the front step waiting! Callie started jumping up and down and clapping of excitement as we pulled into the driveway

The excitement of having two new baby brothers quickly disappeared as she realized that the attention was on them :( Talk about breaking your heart. Josh and I handed the boys off to my mom and paid attention to Callie. We tried not to talk about them and focus on Callie and whatever it was she wanted to show us.

She missed the iPad while we were in the hospital, so she had fun making faces :)

We had some visitors our first night home - Blake & Britt Pawlikowski came by and brought their handsome son William with :) I was so happy he was there to play with Callie. Although she started acting out and pushing him, he still wanted to play with her :) After they left, we got ready for bed. My mom slept downstairs, and we were going to have her sleep through the night while we took the night shift with the boys & have her wake up with Callie - seemed reasonable :)

I am going to be the first to admit - our first night at home was not at all easy. I did not have a nurse call button like I did in the hospital, and it seemed the boys wanted NOTHING to do with sleeping together in their big crib.

Collin would want to eat, and then Carter would poop. Then Carter would eat while Collin was spitting up ALL OVER - then Carter would spit up while Collin was pooping - and then guess what...Collin would be hungry again, so he'd start eating and Carter would poop...

And so the cycle began...I let Josh sleep through most of it, but I just couldn't keep up - finally I went in and got him. I probably sounded crabby, but hey - it was late.

It was about 3:30-3:45ish that Josh went downstairs and got my mom. I believe he said, 'Kathy, Cori hasn't slept yet and it's 3:30 - we could really use you!" That's all it took - my mom was up and coming in telling me to go to sleep! I remember falling into bed and my leg was hanging off the side. My inner voice was saying "Dang it Cori, pull yourself together and get all the way in bed!" I listened!

Collin Donald
My mom and Josh each held one of the boys and cuddled on the couch - asleep. Don't worry - they were on separate couches :) Turns out - that's what they needed to sleep. They all slept until 7:00ish until Callie woke up. I was up at 7:30 pm...ready to feed my boys :)

All day - the boys slept...hmmmm - this isn't right.

Yes my friends, the boys have their days and nights completely mixed up. For the past few nights, Josh and I have been sleeping on the couches - each holding a baby! We have the boppy pillows on top of us and a baby face up on that but also on us...we've been getting A LOT more sleep this way! Maybe 5-6 hours total, but obviously in increments!

As far as their feedings go - these boys LOVE to eat, and they happen to have a mommy who very well may have been a cow in her past life! Seriously, I can produce enough milk for WAY more than two babies :) They both eat - a lot, and I can still pump 3-4 ounces of milk out of each breast (that's 6-8 ounces in one sitting that I'm pumping)...and directly to the freezer it goes! Pretty sure we're going to have a freezer FULL of liquid gold in no time. I may have to invest in a back up generator in case our power were to go out - I'd be PISSED if this stuff melted...

And they are getting close to eating on similar schedules - at least we know they are at night :)


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  1. Hang in there, Cori. You are doing great. I was wondering if you got what I sent in the mail. I am a bit worried I did not have enough postage on it.


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