Thursday, May 31, 2012

Feed, burp, spit up, poop, sleep - repeat!

We have been busy-very busy! I'll be honest! Thankfully we've had help down here - and let me tell you - my mom can pump out laundry faster than anyone I know! Thankfully my mom knows me well enough to know that I like to put them away, because I put things away in a certain place and I go nuts when things aren't where they are supposed to be. So yes - the boy's room currently looks like this:

...and it does not bother me! I've been too preoccupied to get to it -but it'll get done. My goal is today! Yes she could put them away, but chances are, I'd go back into those drawers later and redo them. I know-totally OCD, but it's who I am! You should see my pile of clothes in my bedroom - I'm hoping to put those away as well! Again-my goal is today...time can only tell!

I've been more tired lately too - I think the adrenaline is starting to wear off and the lack of sleep is catching up to me. MOST nights, Collin & Carter sleep for 2-3 hour increments. I wake up first, start feeding the one that is making the most noise. Shortly after, Josh comes in and changes the other-then we switch. He burps the one that was just fed and then changes that diaper. I then feed the 2nd and burp that one as well. LUCKILY, and I know I have said this before, I was a cow in my former life - therefore I have enough milk supply to feed both of these boys and pump afterwards! I think my milk flow is so fast that the boys guzzle down really fast and they don't eat as long.

We have a fridge/freezer both upstairs and downstairs and a deep freezer downstairs. I have to tell you - after 1 week, I already have a HUGE stock pile and can only imagine how much bigger it's going to get. I seriously think I could feed quads.

After eating, we try to keep them awake-but this is what they'd prefer to do:

Sleeping babies - there is nothing more special!

We've been going in and out of the hospital having their Bilirubin counts checked as well. I believe they have had their foot pricked 6 times now...and we may have to go in again...there's also still a chance they would have to go under the lights again. We'll see - I bet it would be this weekend again if it happens.

We've also been getting out of the house everyday -which is really good for me, because it forces me to get up and get ready everyday! It's also good practice for next school year...when we have 3 kids to get up and get ready everyday! Oh boy - that'll be an adventure!

Yesterday, I was so excited to get out of the house and watch Josh play softball with our family! We got there, went to Robot Park with Callie, and quickly had to come back because it started raining :( But I did get to try out our new stroller-which I LOVE! Seriously this thing ROCKS :) Callie loves it and was able to tell me when she wanted to walk - for the most part, she wanted to stand on it and hold on :)

It's about that time for me to nap! The boys are sleeping and my princess is at mom is sewing some rugs together (to make it look like one big rug) and Josh is buying batteries for the swings (and stain for the deck!!!).

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  1. Cori-

    I have been following your posts and how fun it has been. I don't comment much on FB or anything else, but you sure a doing an amazing job. I can only imagine how tired you are. I always dreamed of having twin boys, then when my girls were born, I was sooooo thankful it was only 1 at a time. I was sooo exhausted with the one I can't imagine 2. Keep it up. You have great support with your mom there. Thanks for posting. I enjoy reading your journey. Blessings!! Kim Remington


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