Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Twice the kids...Twice the...Yard Work!!

Yes, I have projects that still need to get done...some of these have been put on hold for - oh 4 years - while others are new :) Lets start with our bench & deck!

Last year, my dad came down while my mom was in Japan and built us an amazing bench! Josh helped him while Callie & I sat back and cheered them on :) This year, the bench needed to get stained-as well as our deck. Josh and I moved into our house in June 2008, and it has yet to be stained :)

So here is our deck with everything removed. Pretty plain and boring if you ask me :) I do love our built in planters though!

Here's the amazing bench my dad and Josh built! And here's my dad staining it :)
Looking good dad! I love the color :)
This is one of the finished photos - I don't have one with our patio furniture and grill back on the deck - but you get the idea :) The color looks AMAZING and I absolutely LOVE it!! Those planters have my tomato plants in them - I'll explain that later :)
The following day, Josh's dad and Sharon came down to stay with us for the weekend! Little did Don realize that he would also be put to work :) This job was an unexpected job, but I'm so happy we did it!

In July 2010, there was a really bad storm that came through. Our Red Maple tree in the front yard was struck by lightening and it fell toward our house - with the top of the tree landing on our roof. Luckily we didn't have any damage to our home.

Sharon and I went to Stiver's Nursery (my favorite in Austin) to purchase plants for my garden, and we decided to look at their trees as well. We found the most perfect Crimson Maple Tree that was fairly inexpensive, so we sent Josh and Don back to get it :)

Jessica & Jet came over for a baby fix, so Jet went outside with Callie to help the boys :) Thankfully Jet was there to help - I don't think Don & Josh could have done it without him :)

AH! It's so pretty - I love my new tree :) (Anyone thinking of Christmas Vacation when Clark talks about "My Tree!") Yes, that is my excitment!
We decided that we are going to take pictures of our tree often so we can document its growth - we'll see if we remember! Callie looks so tiny next to our new tree - but she LOVES it :)
While the guys were planting the tree, Sharon was busy in the backyard planting tomatoes in my planters (photo at top of post) - this way the deer won't eat them this year! And she even planted Callie a Strawberry plant - Callie's obsessed with strawberries, so Sharon was excited to give Callie her own strawberry plant!

I think Callie's face is so funny in this picture - she's so proud of her strawberry plant :) There are 15 strawberry plants in this planter - in the winter I just have to cover it with leaves and leave it near our house. Next year it'll be ready to simply grow more strawberries :)
I took a few pictures of Callie picking off her first two strawberries - she was so excited to eat them :)

There were two that were ready for picking :)
YUMMY! Callie enjoyed eating her strawberries for the first time :)

Here are a couple pictures of Sharon busy at work :) She used to have her own garden - and holy cats does she know what she's doing! I learned A LOT about gardening that I didn't know before! It looks great and I can't wait to harvest everything - these boys are going to have some delicious baby food :)

So here's what's in my garden:
2 rows sweet corn, red onion, 2 rows peas, carrots, 2 rows green beans, green onion, radishes, 4 jalapeƱo plants, 2 green pepper plants and 2 cucumber plants! I also have my pumpkin patch and squash plants at a different location in my yard :) I made the signs - Callie actually helped - so there are a couple signs that are in random places the she designed :) It adds a little personal touch I think ;)

They also added chicken wire around it this year- my fence last year just didn't keep the dang baby bunnies out...they aren't getting in this year :)
A special thank you to my Dad, Don, Sharon & Josh for all of your hard work! You all accomplished a lot in two days - I am so happy that you were able to help out and keep our home looking nice!!!

We love you guys :)


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