Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Father's Day for an AMAZING FATHER!

This past Father's Day was a special one, because Josh was able to celebrate as a Daddy of three BEAUTIFUL children! We (the kid and I-okay me, really!) wanted to make it very special for him!

Callie and I started by painting him a shirt with her, Collin & Carter's footprints all over it! I gave Callie two different "sayings" to write on it, and she chose the following! Personally, I think this shirt turned out AMAZING! What a fun memory! Collin is green & Carter is blue. Callie, obviously picked the pink :)

When we first moved into our house, a friend of ours gave us an old wooden ladder. It wasn't anything special and it wasn't very safe-but it did the job. Now that we have 3 kids, there is no way I'm having the father of my children using an unsafe ladder (sorry I let you get away with it for this long...I do love you!) So Callie and I headed to ACE Hardware and bought him a new ladder-a metal one that is SAFE!

We also bought daddy a new meat thermometer...our old cat Cooper chewed through the wire of our other one...darn cat!

I spent some time one evening and created a "Father's Day" shutterfly book for Daddy - full of pictures of him with his kids. Obviously there are more pictures of Josh with Callie but it won't be long until there are just as many with Daddy and ALL his kids :)

His kids also bought him some of his favorite candies: gummy bears & Reeses Pieces :) We spent the day as a family and showed lots of love to our Daddy! The kids made a complete mess in the living room...OH BOY :)

Josh, you are the most loving, patient and caring father there is :) I am so honored to be your wife and the mother of your children! Our kids are going to grow up knowing exactly how loved they are and how special they are! We all love you so much!

Happy Father's Day 2012 :)

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