Saturday, June 16, 2012

TLC - more than a television network

Before TLC became such a popular channel to watch, and before "Tender Loving Care" was truly utilized (okay, maybe not...) a friendship was born!

Terra, Leah & Cori :)

Yes, these are my girlfriends from college. We were INSEPARABLE in college as we were all elementary education majors, had our classes together, studied together, hung out and partied together!

Our friendship is one that EVERYONE can relate to - we've gone our separate ways and our time spent together has not been as much as it once was...but we have a new bond that has brought us back together again...CHILDREN!

Terra has two daughters: Audrey (4) & Stella (1). Leah has one daughter: Eloise (4 months) and us - 3 know mine :)

L-R Stella, Audrey, Callie, Eloise, Collin & Carter
Terra & Leah made the trip to our house to visit - and boy was it fun! It was so great to see Audrey and Callie hit it off right away and start playing! Josh and I both agreed that she was so patient and caring towards Callie! She played so nicely with her :) Terra - you have done a fantastic job of raising your girls! They are so sweet and very loved! Leah - Eloise is so sweet and I can tell just how much you and Ethan love her :) I can't wait to watch your girls grow :)

Thank you for a fantastic day - I can't wait to have all of our kids together again!

Terra - Callie kept talking about her new friend who got hurt outside. She wanted to make sure she was okay and that she wanted her to come play again! Callie was sad that Audrey hurt her leg :(


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