Saturday, June 16, 2012

I love my kids...I love my kids...I love my kids...

How many of you have actually repeated those words to yourself while they are all losing it at the same time! Saying these words while you find every single piece of strength in your body NOT to lose it :)

Smiles from Collin - I love these moments :)
Yes - that has been me - I will admit it! Going night after night of zero sleep really starts to eat away at you.

So I believe I have mentioned this already, but I don't have a lot of sleep, so my memory isn't working as well as it has :( Both boys were wanting to eat ALL the time, so I decided to strictly PUMP only. I'm able to get between 50-60 ounces of milk a day, so I have no prob. feeding them enough.

I love watching them sleep - so peaceful!
Callie sure loves her baby brother Carter - Always wanting to snuggle up near him :)

Poor Carter - I pulled the bottle from his mouth here to capture this picture...he looks so sad that his bottle is gone!

It has come to no surprise to us that our boys have reflux - just like their big sister Callie did. So the 75 + burp rags that we have in our house pretty much get washed EVERY DAY - because we are using ALMOST all of them every day. We've started some of the things we did with Callie:

Yes - Colliln spit ALL of that up...Thank goodness he wasn't upright on my shoulder...I've had enough of my breast milk end up where it came from...
He felt so much better afterwards - he zonked right out :)
  • Pillow under the mattress of their crib to elevate it a little.
  • Having them sleep in their bouncy seats
  • Feeding them and then holding them upright for 15-20 minutes (yes, both boys...made feedings last much longer)
  • Feeding them and not moving them AT ALL
  • Adding rice to their milk (we did this with Callie as well - 1 teaspoon of baby rice per ounce of milk)
  • Prescription medicine from the Dr. - Zantac
  • And we have an appointment with our chiropractor for both boys...we'll see if this helps.
They are also both very gassy, so we have been giving them gas medicine on a daily basis.

WOW - Lots of work - if you gone through this, you might think - hey no big deal...but multiply it by 2!

So here is where we are at - the things that seem to be working :)

Yes I can multi-task all 3 kids :) Feeding Carter, comforting Collin and cuddling Callie :)

Our boys are successfully keeping down the medicine, and my Bin 'O Burp Rags is still full from the beginnign of the day today! They are both receiving rice cereal in their milk as it helps thicken it and keep it down. They both receive gas medicine throughout the day and are both sleeping in the bouncy seats. We will transition them back to their cribs soon. Maybe being in separate bouncy seats will be a good transition to be in their own cribs?!?!



  1. Have you heard of a Danny sling? You might want to ask the doctor about them when the boys are a little older. They hold the babies in place while the mattress is elevated at the head. We got one from our ped for Rylie and it worked WONDERS for her reflux and she still got to sleep in her crib safely :) Here is a link to pics of it.

  2. Also, forgive me if I've told you this already (I have mom brain too) but the Fisher Price Rock N Play sleeper was AWESOME for Eli's reflux. It sits up high so he could be right next to my bed at night.


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