Saturday, June 16, 2012

How the McRae's Sleep!

Sleep - something that we aren't 100% sure about, but remember that it felt amazing!

When you start to go night after night of minimal and interrupted sleep, you start to lose your mind! Not necessarily in a bad, angry way - but in a "forgetful" way! I swear to you, I would literally lose my head if it wasn't attached! I remember talking to my sister on the phone and she was going to give me a phone number...I said, "Darn it, I can't find my phone". It wasn't until I hung up with her that I realized I was HOLDING my phone...

Kix has been watching over the kids more and more! He's always been an amazing and very friendly cat, but he's taking on a new protective sense with the boys - always sleeping near them and watching over them.

Callie did something she hasn't done in FOREVER...she fell asleep right on top of me! She leaned in to cuddle - half of her body hanging off the couch and next thing we know - she's out cold! So what do I do? Snuggle in and go to sleep myself!

You can see how quickly she fell asleep! Josh took this picture of her JUST laying on me, and SERIOUSLY so quickly she was OUT COLD!
(Mom, I'm on the phone with you here!)

She is also resting on us more :) I love it!

She's hilarious too - she's the reason we laugh as much as we do throughout the day! Her energy keeps us going...she's quite the performer! Seriously - she always dances for us, sings for us, and dresses up for us :) Man I love her!

Callie's dancing with her "friends" in her PJ's! Kayla - she plays that cat piano EVERY SINGLE DAY...not going to lie, we are sick of the songs!
Lynn came down Friday-Saturday and her visit was at a perfect time. Josh and I have had zero sleep and we were both getting edgy. Thankfully we communicate with each other often and express what we're thinking/feeling, so we have been able to talk through frustrations (which really boil down to - "I'm not mad at all, just tired!").

Lynn slept upstairs and took on the ENTIRE night shift on Friday night! I woke up to pump, but went right back to bed. She was going to wake up Josh if she needed assistance, but we both slept through the night! I slept 7.5 consecutive hours - it was AMAZING! I woke up and took Callie downstairs for some cartoons and cuddles :) Later in the day I took a 2 hour nap to top off my lack of sleep (which is why I have done 4 blog posts - I feel completely rejuvenated)...

Lynn, THANK YOU! You took on a tough job, lost sleep, but gave Josh and I something we have needed - REST! We both feel so much better and are able to take on Callie's down moments (aren't those fun!), the boys waking up throughout the night, and appreciate each other :) Thank you so much!

Now that the bar has been risen - who else wants to take on the McRae Night Challenge!?! Josh and I will hand it over NO PROBLEM! PS - Callie wakes up too...she is going through a growth spurt (she's complaining that her feet hurt...) so you may have all 3 of them up at one time...


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