Saturday, June 16, 2012

Jessica - our Angel!

Throughout life, we meet people that impact our lives, our families, our hearts. Josh and I share this feeling on the woman that has impacted our family in the most positive way possible.

This person, this amazing woman, is our friend/daycare provider, Jessica!

I cannot tell you how unbelievably blessed we are to have Jessica in our lives. I knew when we first started sending Callie to her house that we had something pretty special! It's not everyday parents can drop their children off and KNOW that their child is in the best possible care imaginable.

I look at what we have and could not be any more thankful to have Jessica in our lives. Callie STILL refers to Jessica as her Best Friend, and I know our boys will probably say the same thing :)

I mean - how many people can say that their daycare provider came to the hospital NUMEROUS times to hold and get to know our baby boys? Who can say that this same person took time to come to our house to get to know them :)

Jessica also came to our house, played with all 3 kids (I was still sleeping...Good Morning Jessica!) and proceeds to take Callie WITH her. They picked up her kids from Vacation Bible School, went to lunch, and had a blast together...all while mommy and daddy relaxed with the boys...


Thank you Jessica, we love you so much and hope you know just how much we appreciate you :) Our family is beyond blessed to have you in our are apart of our family :)



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