Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Daddy Update

Cori loves it when I update the blog.  I don't like blogging, but being the loving husband I am I am going to power through a blog update.

The boys had their one month check up today.  It is weird to think they are already one month old.  To be completely honest the last month has been a blur.  Most of the time I don't know what day it is and I often have a hard time thinking of answers to simple questions.  We were both spoiled by Callie being such a good baby.  She was a great sleeper, and most of the time I felt really rested with her.  We knew this time would be harder, but I guess I didn't understand what it would be like.

Cori is an amazing woman.  She functions so much better than me on a lack of sleep.  She is still finding time to update the blog, pump, take care of her garden, cook meals, organize our lives, take care of Callie, take care of the boys, read her book, do laundry, put away laundry, and the list goes on and on.  She can wake up with the boys and feed them both at the same time no problem.  This crazy month has reaffirmed what a lucky guy I am, and what a wonderful wife I have.

The days have really blurred together.  The lack of sleep and constant cycle of feed, poop, sleep has been tough.  It sort of feels like a long work week that keeps going on and on.  I keep waiting for "Saturday" to come where we get to sleep in, have a lazy day, get a few projects done.  This day hasn't really come yet.  I'm not sure when it will come.  Hopefully before school starts we will have some sort of normalcy.

We have been lucky enough to have people come down and help out.  This has been great because you get some time to do things, or just get out of the house.  It is funny how something like going to Walmart and buying a few things suddenly seems like a fun escape.  Friends have also taken Callie out and done things with her.  She isn't getting the same amount of attention that she used to, so these little breaks are a good thing for her.

Callie has been doing a pretty good job considering the amount of change she has gone through.  At first she was acting out a lot more than usual, and even threw a few things at the boys.  As time has passed she has gotten a lot better with them.  She likes to feed them and hold them.  She is also very possessive over them.  Anytime anyone talks about the boys, she shouts at them, "THEIR MY BROTHERS."  The friendly people in Wells Fargo all knew that the boys belonged to Callie by the time we left the bank.

Collin is very chill, and very gassy.  He doesn't freak out very much, but when he does he makes it worth his while.  He is always farting or pooping.  He has a knack for waiting until right after he is changed to rip a new one.  I'm not a fan of this move, and I'll be sure to mention it to any future girlfriends should he ever push his luck.

Carter is also very gassy but he is really jumpy.  He has a move where when he is startled he throws both hands up above his head and he goes bug eyed.  One day Cori sneezed across the living room and he pulled this move from a dead sleep.

Kix doesn't get to close to the boys, but he does lay by them.  Maybe he is protecting them.  He has called off the truce with Callie and no longer puts up with her man handling him.  She has been bit a few times.  She is learning to be more gentle though.  Let's be honest, he gave her a pretty good grace period.

I remember the few times that Callie would really freak out would drive me crazy.  These guys have drove me to crazy way more often than Callie ever did.  I'm not sure if it is two kids crying, getting less sleep, or what but I have felt closer to my breaking point with the boys way more often than I did with Callie.  Luckily Cori will step in and take over with her MOM (mother of multiples) power and give me the time I need to calm down.  I also have been able to keep playing softball on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  I hit my first two home runs in men's league this year.  Apparently not sleeping or working out has brought me some new found power.

It is almost time for another feeding so I'm going to wrap this up.  I love you honey, I hope you enjoyed this blog.

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