Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Several people have been asking us how Callie has been adjusting to her baby brothers! Well, we are happy to tell you that she has been adjusting rather well!

At first, she just liked looking at her brothers, but then she started showing sigs of jealousy.

When people would ask her about her brothers, she would get really quiet and look off into the distance - her face looking up towards the sky. Honestly, it made me REALLY sad to see this. Callie has always been such an outgoing little girl that this simply killed me to see.

Josh and I started talking to her about it and helping her realize that any response was okay! We would practice. Here's some sample conversations!

Us "Callie, do you like your baby brothers?" Callie "No Thanks"

Us "Callie, how do you like being a big sister?" Callie "Okay"

I didn't care the answer - just as long as she gave some sort of response! The other day our neighbors asked her one of these questions and she !!!KEPT EYE CONTACT AND SHOOK HER HEAD NO!!!!! She responded! I praised her for that act :)

When the babies cry, she goes over and gets a burp rag - wipes their mouth and then walks away. When the boys are playing in their play gym, she sits on the end and talks to them. When they are sleeping in their bouncy seat, she sometimes rocks them. She wants to hold the at least once a day as well!

Funny thing - she has a special bond with Carter! She always wants to hold him and if you ask her "Who this is (referring to one of her brothers)" - she always answers with "Carter". If she's holding Collin and we tell her, she doesn't want to hold him anymore. So lately, when she is holding Collin and we ask her who she is holding and she answers with Carter - we just agree :) Collin needs his sister's love too :)

So how is Callie adjusting! I'd say wonderfully! She's a 2 year old who went from 100% undivided attention from her parents to having to split it with two boys who eat, poop and cry a lot! She doesn't throw things at them, she hasn't started hitting, and she hasn't reverted back in her potty training. Overall, I think we are very lucky!

It goes to show just how awesome of a kid she really is :) We love you Callie Lynae...you are one special girl!


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  1. Sounds like Callie is trying so hard to be a good big sister and trying to win your attention. Please give her a big hug and kiss from me. Hope you guys get some much needed sleep.


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