Thursday, June 21, 2012

Collin & Carter: One Month Old

We have officially made it - our boys are ONE MONTH OLD! I can't believe it! The things Josh and I have accomplished, made it through and learned in this short month is so much more than we ever imagined.

Between feeding, changing poopy diapers, sleeping and NOT sleeping, finding time to eat, clean, spend time with Callie, spend time with each other, and still find time to get out of our house and enjoy each other...we learned just how much each other can handle (I'm talking Josh and I)...when each other's breaking point is. We have learned how much patience we really truly DO have, and how much we can be lacking when the amount of sleep we get is less than 4-5 hours :(

We learned that spending the smallest amount of time together is so much more meaningful than spending tons on a date. We now value our sleep. I personally have taken up Diet Coke again - that boost of caffeine is needed to get me through the day. I also have learned just how delious that ice cold beer is...MMMMM!!

Back to our boys :) I have been following a blog and emailing back and forth a woman named Pam. She has a daughter who's name is Cali (crazy I know) and she has fraternal twins (boy - girl). Her twins are 7 months old and I have LOVED reading her monthly updates and communicating with her about different pieces of advice! She has a really nice monthly layout for baby updates and I am going to use her same format (I wanted to give you the credit Pam-I really like this layout!!)

Here are our ONE MONTH Baby Stats!

Collin Donald
Carter Lowell

One Month Update

Food - Breast Milk ONLY (pumping). We have recently started adding rice cereal to the milk to thicken it and help it stay down in our precious baby boy's tummies. They eat between 2-3 ounces every 2-3 hours (between 24-28 ounces everday) - spitting up about 20 ounces! Okay, not THAT much, but it feels like it!

Sleep - They are napping SEVERAL hours still, but starting to have a few more awake hours throughout the day. During the night, they are sleeping between 2-3 hour shifts. Sometimes, when we are really lucky, they sleep for 4 hours straight! But we're not THAT lucky!

Clothes - They are both wearing newborn clothes still. Which are still too big on them :)

Weight - At their One Month check up, Carter caught up to Collin. Both boys weigh 6 pounds 13 ounces! When we heard that, I couldn't help but think, "Wow, that was Callie's birth weight" (6 pounds 12 ounces)...

Height - Collin was measuring 19.72 inches long and Carter was 19.6 inches long. They are very close in size!

Diapers - BOTH boys are still wearing newborn diapers! We are rotating between Pampers & Huggies (whatever is on hand or has been given to us!).

Health - Both boys have been spitting up A TON! Callie had reflux, so we have been doing everything we did with her. Currently we are giving them Prilosec for their spitting up and their gas. We were giving them Zantac & gas medicine, but our Dr. prescribed this one to use one medicine instead of two. Both boys also have Thrush - which is the little white stuff in their mouths - very common. It basically comes from spitting up so much (I believe) we have to give them some medicine 4 times a day - both sides - so basically 16 doses of medicine everyday (between the two boys!). We have alarm clocks set on our phones to remind us :)

Fun Facts - The boys have been staying awake more and more throughout the day. They calm each other when they are together, and they enjoy cuddling. Collin has been doing a lot more smiling and you can tell that he wants to start laughing! He loves to be held upright and cuddled. He is going to be a big time mommy's boy! He does the most spitting up and he is the most gassy- which is why Carter caught up in weight (I believe). Carter also loves cuddling, but he enjoys being on his side more. He started smiling as well, but likes to reel you in with his "do what I say" eyes! He is catching up in spitting up and gas, but still not to Collins degree!

We love our boys so much and can't believe they are already one month. I have heard so much from other "MOM's" (mother's of multiples) that the first few months fly by and you never remember any of it. Lately I have been forcing myself to reflect back and remember moments with all of my children - I don't want to forget these days as they are way too little and precious. They will be grown and moving out before I know it...

Oh - and for those of you who said I wouldn't have time to do the same things I did with Callie when she was were wrong! You successfully do the important things (if they are important to you) if you make time for them! Capturing these moments and memories is beyond important to me...

They are a little sloppy (the hand prints), but I am so happy that I have these! And - they were sure pissed off when I was making these memories :) Collin on top, Carter on bottom.
If you haven't caught on, Collin is always Green & Carter is always Blue...

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  1. Love it! So glad you like the monthly layout. The boys are adorable.


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