Sunday, February 19, 2012

24 Weeks - Possibly only 14 to go???

This week, our babies are measuring in about 1 1/2 pounds EACH and gaining about 6 ounces per week!  OH BOY! (or girl)!  They are the length of an ear of corn :)  If it's anything like the corn I grew this past summer - they are BIG!  Delicious too ;)

I was reading one of my "week by week updates" I receive in my email, and it listed some of the typically pregnancy symptoms for 24 weeks.  YUP - I'm experiencing most of them:
Constipation (sorry to throw it out there, but it's true), occasional headaches, lower abdominal achiness (this is from my ligaments, that support my GROWING uterus, that continue to stretch, backaches - OH YES...experiencing these almost daily... & sometimes vision changes.  I had a "dizzy" spell over the weekend, but I think I had eaten too late.  Regardless, it sucked!

The good news - Josh is still in bed with me every morning :)  Meaning - I am not kicking him out due to some late night law cutting...AKA snoring!  I wake up many nights not even using my body pillow (shhh...don't tell Josh or he'll want it out of bed as it acts like a 3rd person in the middle of us!).  The downfall, I was up in the middle of the night probably 4 times this week to use the bathroom...bummer, I guess I can't sleep through the night every night!

Some people (mostly my mom, don't worry mom, I love it - and I love you) have been asking me if I can feel both babies kicking at once.  At first I couldn't, but I am pretty sure I can!  I really feel HUGE kicks in one area (Josh feels them daily!) and you can see my stomach moving, but the cool thing, is while that one leg is kicking there, there's more movement on the lower section-opposite side!  So unless we have an Olympic Gymnast in there-I'm pretty sure that is two different baby kicks :)

My belly button has popped out too!  One day, Callie started pushing on it like it was a real button!  Sorry honey - nothing is happening when you push this button - at least not yet :)

Check this picture out - My stomach is so big that it makes a regulation size basketball look TINY!

Okay, okay - so it's Callie's little ball :)  But by the end - this ball may look like a marble :)

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