Saturday, February 4, 2012

Big Time Big Girl!

Josh and I have been so blessed with our unbelievable amazing daughter!

She has been a ROCK STAR in her big girl bed - she absolutely LOVES it!  We're thinking we may not be needing the bed rails all that long, because she is never sleeping close enough to the edge.  It'd be our luck that we'd take them off and BAM - she falls out :)

I had been working on a canopy in her bedroom.  Originally (back when I first started using Pinterest), I wanted to hang one over her bed...but that plan changed and I love this one so much more!  We decided to put it in the corner of her bedroom, add a bookshelf (it was in her closet) and her white rocking chair...and just like that we have a beautiful reading corner that looks AWESOME in her bedroom :)  And I spent a total of $2.34 on this project because I already had everything!!!

She LOVES it!

SO cute :)  I think I'm going to put down a pretty rug in there - either white or a nice color to match!  But she loves it - she always goes in there and says, "Read"!!

Potty training is going so well :)  We have officially been going at it for 2 weeks and we have had VERY few accidents.  We brought Callie out into the public for the first time...IN PANTIES on Thursday!  We went out to eat at the Pizza Ranch.  She pottied on the "BIG" potty TWO TIMES!  The first time we came out of the bathroom, she ran back to the table yelling, "DADDY I PEE PEE!!!"  It was hilarious and everyone around us was just LAUGHING :)  Then we went to the girls basketball game.  There were more bathrooms in there and more people.  I think she got scared and didn't go.  So RIGHT before the National Anthem (literally I was getting ready to stand up), she peed...on my lap!  So we stood for the Anthem, she stood uncomfortably, and waited.  Finally Josh changed her in the bathroom - I sat there and waited for my pants to dry :)  What's a little toddler pee anyway!  She did finally go two times in the bathroom there!

Friday night I brought her to the boys basketball game - she went potty there 2 times - NO ACCIDENTS!

Saturday we went to the high school for the Austin Packer Dance Show!  She went potty 3 times, no accidents and she LOVED the dancers!  When we arrived, there was a surprise for us from daddy - we each got a flower from him and he got Callie a balloon too :)  It was so sweet!  We love you Daddy!

I just can't believe how "grown up" she is becoming.  She is going potty on her own, not telling us, just going...still needs reminders at times, but is doing awesome!  We're no where ready to begin the nap/bedtime training...but how amazing is she :)

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