Saturday, February 25, 2012

Let the crazy dreams begin...

Well, this isn't a surprise to me, that I would be having crazy dreams!  I remember having weird ones when I was pregnant with Callie -and I think this is about the time they started!  The other night, I had a HORRIBLE nightmare - so bad in fact, that I woke up, hardly able to breathe with excruciating heart burn :(

I tried to close my eyes and go back to bed, but that wasn't happening.  So I got up, went to the bathroom, took some tums, drank some water.  Tried again - nope, every time I closed my eyes...I saw everything (I'm not getting into details on this one).  So I got up, checked on Callie, drank some more water, sat in bed checking out Facebook and FINALLY I fell back asleep.

The very next night - it happened...the most hilarious dream I have ever had!  This one, I will share with you - in fine detail :)

We were 25 weeks pregnant in my dream, which if you do the math - that's NOW (today).  We were just leaving my mom and dad's house, driving through St. Paul Park (for some reason we were IN St. Paul Park, not on the highway), and we were in a serious car accident.  I just remember (from my dream) that my side of the car was hit.

We flash forward a little bit and the story sets in!  I was injured VERY badly (I guess I said this dream was hilarious-just bare with me), and I was immediately unconscious (at the scene of the accident) - however, because I am this amazing super mom, I was still able to DELIVER my baby.

I woke up (in my dream I woke up) at my mom and dad's house.  I remember wondering why I wasn't in the hospital after they had told me I was in an accident, but that is minor details.  They drove me to Children's Hospital in St. Paul (where I was born!) and that is where our baby was.  My mom informed me that I gave birth, at the scene of the accident, to a baby girl (remember, I'm 25 weeks pregnant).  When we arrived at the hospital, Josh was there waiting for me - along with the rest of our family.

He and the Dr.'s were bringing me back to meet our daughter.  I sat down in the chair they had sitting in the middle of the hallway - it was more like a kiosk than a hospital room.  It was very strange and random, but that's what it was.  The Dr. brings out a 10 pound baby BOY!  I look down at him and immediately start kissing him and telling him how beautiful he was.  It wasn't until a little later than I realized he was ASIAN!  Yup - I gave birth (at 25 weeks) to a 10 pound Asian boy!

Josh informed me that everyone had already held him and loved up on him, so I could take my time (remember this sentence for later...).

I looked up at the Dr. and said, "Doctor, I'm sorry to sound crazy here, but I am pregnant with twins!"  He informed me that Yes, Indeed I was, and I am STILL pregnant with the other one :)  HAHA - WHAT!!!


So our alarms went off, we got up and ready for work.  On our way, I started telling Josh about this dream!  There were several parts that made me laugh - like giving birth at the scene of an accident, even though I was unconscious.  Giving birth to a 10 pound baby boy - who was Asian.  Still being pregnant with the other twin!  Wondering HOW big this baby was going to be!

It then struck me, why was I the last person to hold our son?  I told Josh, as we are walking into school, "Josh, if something happens to me and I can't hold our babies right away- you better not let anyone else hold them before me.  You and Callie - that's okay - but I'm the mom, I carried them, and I better be the first one!"

He looked at me smiling and said, "Well, I probably let everyone else hold him, because he was Asian - I figured he wasn't mine!"

HAHAHAHAHA  Oh boy - I look forward to my dreams at night :)  At least the ones I can remember :)

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  1. Your dream was my reality, except he wasn't Asian!


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