Sunday, February 19, 2012

Will you be my Valentine!?!

I'm going to be very honest here, and I don't care if I offend anyone...I have the WORLD'S most BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER!  Yes, Mom - she is even more beautiful than NOT ONLY your youngest daughter, but ALL of your daughters!!

She is the such a well mannered and kind girl!  For Valentine's Day this year, we found her outfit on accident. That day when we spent 6-8 hours at Babies R Us, well, this is something we walked out with!  Top to bottom (bows, shirt, skirt, shoes & purse) - I could not resist!  Hey it was all on sale :)

For Valentine's that night, Daddy had a basketball game in Faribault, so Callie and I drove up, had a Valentine's dinner with my mom and dad and then went to the game.  It was our last time seeing them before they headed off on their cruise (which they are enjoying right now...and I am VERY jealous!).  They were going to drive down to Austin to say goodbye, but this worked out better anyway - especially since Callie and I were going to the game :)

Sometimes, in the morning, we like to sit around and be silly!  This is our typical Saturday/Sunday morning!

Daddy finally shaved!  He's going to KILL me for posting this picture, but Shellum girls - who does he look like!?  If you guessed a younger version of Dad - you are correct!  Maybe not as much in this picture, but I have another one I didn't post...hahaha - Josh, mustaches are NOT for you!

While mommy was cooking supper in the kitchen on Saturday night, Callie and daddy were busy playing!  I walked over, and Josh had informed me that Callie did every single one of her puzzles (you can see the stack to the left of Josh's head)...and all by herself!  Hopefully she is good at math with all of this practice :)

Every nap time and bedtime, we put Callie to bed with a pull up on.  She hasn't needed them during the day at all (unless we are driving for a long distance).  Over the weekend, we were starting to figure out the dresser move (Callie's getting a new dresser!!) and I realized that I had ONE diaper left.  So, we put her in her diaper before bed...

Here Callie is, showing off the LAST diaper she will wear!  Wow...big girl!

Callie was VERY sick over the weekend too :(  On Thursday night, we ended up bringing her into the ER because her fever spiked to 103.3.  Typically we would have stayed home, but the on call Dr. wanted her to come in, because she had a scratchy throat as well.  Poor girl kept sticking her fingers in her mouth and point in saying "OWIE OWIE"...she didn't go to bed until 1:30 AM...Josh stayed home with her all day Friday.  Her fever went down only a little with Tylenol :(

Saturday and Sunday we kept it easy.  Her fever was hit and miss - until Sunday afternoon, after her nap, she had a fever of 101.2 AND her eye left eye was swollen and red on the outside...UH OH!  She's sound asleep now with a terrible cough.  Thankfully, her cough does not wake her up in the middle of the night!

Another reason she is so beautiful...through this sickness and pain she is experiencing, she has the best spirit and attitude!  She is so smiley and happy, cuddley and playful!  I love her so much :)

During the church service today, the music was wonderful, and Callie really enjoyed the upbeatness of it!  When it was all finished she said, "AGAIN" very loudly and then started cheering by YELLING - yes YELLING "YEAAAAAAAH" while clapping :)  The elderly couple near us sure thought it was cute!

:)  During our prayers tonight, I started our prayers the way we always do, by thanking God for this wonderful day.  Then I always list the things we are thankful for...
Lately, I have been saying, "I am thankful for ___" and Callie fills in the blank :)  Tonight she said Daddy, Mommy, Kixie, Grampa, Mama (meaning ALL grandparents, because we always are thankful for all - not just 1) and her aqua-doodle!  Hahaha!  And she always shouts out a happy "AMEN!" at the end!

Such a funny girl :)

I love you Callie Lynae :)

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