Monday, February 27, 2012

Week 25: Ultra Sound and Appointment!

Saturday marked our official "25 week" mark; however, I decided to wait until tonight (Monday) to post, because I knew we had an ultra sound appointment and a follow up with our Dr. right after.  This way, you get belly pics AND baby pics :)

Lets see, at 25 weeks, our babies are measuring (according to the books) 13.5 inches long and should be a pound and a half.  Just wait until you see their actual measurements below :)

I have been feeling great!  Fully energized and NO back pain (I hope I didn't just jinx myself).  I do get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, but only once and I fall right back to sleep.  Josh only slept downstairs one night this past week due to my snoring!  That's pretty good!

My belly button is out, but I do not have the 'brown line' yet.  I looked back at Callie's pregnancy and noticed that the "brown line" didn't appear until I was about 30 weeks along.  So I still have some time yet!  I was wondering when that would appear again :)

Regardless -I'm HUGE now!

 Here you can see my belly button sticking out - clear as day :)  Man - there are two babies in there!

During our ultra sound, we noticed right away that our babies were HUGE!  Which meant it was a little more difficult to make them out.  Our technician only gave us 7 pictures, which is so much better than none, but some of them are pretty hard to make out!  So bare with these...

Baby A:
Measuring 1 pound 13 ounces, 130 beats per minute, right on for scheduled due date!
Here is his/her cute little round face, you can see his/her chubby cheek, nose and mouth :)
You can see his/her abdomen and the black hole is actually his/her stomach.  There is a leg bent upward as if you are trying to decide what it is - good luck :)  Even our technician wasn't able to see today (which is good, because we don't want to know!)

From the label you can tell this is Baby A.  I believe it is a more side profile - legs on the left of the screen, bent...  Some of the bubbles you see is the umbilical cord.

Baby B:
Measuring 1 pound 12 ounces, 137 beats per minute, right on for scheduled due date.
Not sure - to be honest :)  I think that is his/her head on the right of the screen!  It was so much more confusing this time around because they kept moving and since they are so much bigger, it was hard to see everything!

Again, Baby B.  Some of those objects are hands and feet while others show the umbilical cord.

Baby A & Baby B - picture this...

Baby A is head down with his/her feet going upward towards my right side (your left if you are looking at me).  Baby B is in a breech/transverse way - feet down by Baby A's head and his/her head is by Baby A's feet!  No wonder I am always feeling so much kicking in a certain spot - I have feet and a head fighting each other for space!  This picture below is both of their abdomen's.  You could see both of their strong hearts beating together - it was AWESOME!

Here she was able to get a picture with both of their heads!

 This picture makes me laugh!  This is indeed Baby A & Baby B :)  When she pulled this up, I could make it out clear as day!  So baby B is more hunched over - you can see his/her spine on the left (5 dots) and then it rounds and goes downward (like a roller coaster) - well, that is Baby B's butt!  There is a divide between the two - their separate sacs, you just can't see it!  But then there is Baby A's head - plastered right up against Baby B's butt!  I told her that is looks like Baby A is kissing Baby B's butt!

After our ultra sound, we headed up to our Dr. appointment.  I love our Dr!  He is A-MAZING!  The pictures weren't into his system yet, but I was able to give him some of the "stats" he may want!  He asked about positioning (since the technician showed us)!  And he took his time to answer all of our questions - which we typically have a lot of  :)

He did let us listen to their heart beats, and both heart beats went up to 140 beats per minute.  I asked him why there was such a difference, and he informed me that I was laying down completely relaxed before...he said, 'It changes all the time!"

One thing he did tell us, was that at 39 weeks for twins, they will induce labor - so there is absolutely no way I am going to 40 weeks.  Even though they say my due date is June 9th, I feel like I can move it up to June 2nd as that 39 weeks!  Josh and I asked a lot about premature delivery/birth, where we would be, what it would look like, etc...

I also found out some bad news :(  I was hoping that I could ask my mom to be in the room - not to hold babies right away, but to take pictures.  We look back now and wish we could have had someone in the background photographing each moment - especially the first moment we laid eyes on Callie!  When I asked him about it today, he made it sound like we will for sure be delivering in the operating room...which does NOT allow cameras :( :(  STUPID STUPID...I am so mad that Austin Medical switched over to Mayo Health System's and has to follow their stupid policies.  I'm going to do everything I can to capture those moments on film!

Tonight, when Josh finished taking my pictures - he decided to keep snapping.  There were about 20 to choose from, but I decided that the world did NOT need to see THAT side of me :)  So here are a few...and these are only posted to make Josh smile (I told him I wasn't going to post these and he was like, "WHY NOT!?!").

I'm Sexy and I know it!

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