Monday, February 13, 2012

Week 23 - Some changes need to be made...

This past week has been wonderful!  The babies have been moving around like crazy!  I love sitting in meetings (which I'm in A LOT of) and watching my belly move!  I love feeling them constantly!  I love that Josh can feel them now too :)

First of all, our babies are weigh just over a pound and are about 11 inches long - about the size of a large mango!  Now picture two of them - and put them in my stomach!  No wonder I'm getting so big :)

I haven't gotten the dark brown line yet - I will have to look back and see when that started to appear when I was preggo with Callie!  My back has started hurting me this week.  It feels like someone is constantly stabbing me in one spot - but I guess that is what happens when you have two kids in you!  I'm still sleeping good and through the night!  I have noticed that some of my clothes are already getting too small - and they're maternity clothes, so that sucks :)  As long as I'm covered, I might not care :)

This past weekend, my mother in law offered to come down for the weekend and hang out with Callie so Josh and I could spend some time together!  It was PERFECT!  Well, there were a few bumps, but it all ended okay :)  Here's a recap of our adventure :)

We headed to Rochester on Saturday morning and went straight to Babies R Us.  While we were there, Josh carried in and out a gazillion different car seats to try and fit two infant car seats and one toddler car seat in the backseat of our 2011 Mitsubishi Outlander!

We bought this car BRAND NEW in July 2011 knowing we'd have more kids!  However, not knowing that we'd have twins so two infant seats and one toddler seat at once!  So here we were - well, Josh!  On what felt like one of the COLDEST days YET this winter - in and out of the car.  I was sitting in the front seat with the heat blasting on me :)  We were parked on the sidewalk right by the door.

After several attempts - we realized nothing was going to fit.  So Josh went to get the store manager.  He came out - NOTHING...he made suggestions, but still, nothing fit.  We attempted to move Callie up to the "next" car seat knowing she is just shy of the weight requirements - NOTHING...

So Josh brought them back into the store, and I sat, thinking alone about how much this just SUCKED!  When he came out, he got in the car very slowly and said in a very serious voice, "I have some bad news.  The massage place called and the lady who was supposed to give you your prenatal massage is out sick".  SERIOUSLY!?  That did it - I started crying.  Stupid hormones.  Long story short, Josh called them and in a semi-nice way, gave them the business!  She called him back and said they made changes and we are still on :)  THANK YOU GOD!  I have been looking forward to this massage for two back has been KILLING me!

Josh also called the Mitsubishi dealership to discuss our options for a trade in.  Turns out - we'll be out some money - but hopefully not TOO much...we're looking at getting...wait for it...
A mini van.  We told ourselves we would NEVER own one, because, well, I just don't like them!  But, it looks like we might be going this route.  Just know - I'm not a "soccer mom" I'm a "Basketball Mom!"

We had a quick lunch, and headed to the massage place.  It was a couples massage, so while Josh and I were preparing to have our massages, he kept asking me if I thought they've ever done this with two people in the room, if they've ever felt awkward or uncomfortable...I didn't know!  When they came in, Josh of course asked his masseuse!  She answered with, "There was this one time I had a couple in here and it was so uncomfortable, because they kept calling each other this weird name...Schmoopy"!  HAHAHA - Josh and I just about DIED laughing!  If you know us, you know that we call each other Schmoopy ALL THE TIME - but it's more of a joke :)  But it's also our thing :)  Oh man, it was a riot!  Half way through the massage, Josh asks me, "How are you doing Schmoopy!"  Haha!!!

We then headed BACK to Babies R Us and purchased our crib (Thank you Lynn & Larry for buying that for us!) and the extension pieces to convert it all the way to a full size bed in the future!  Now we officially have two of the SAME cribs with all of the materials to have two full size beds!

For our February gift, I had Josh open his envelop to see what our date entailed!  He had to pick a letter-he picked "C", and we each were given $10.00 to spend on each other in the mall, but the gift HAD to start with the letter C!  Let me tell you how hard this was!  We had 30 minutes to do so...WOW!  Very hard :)  He got me Cha Cha Cherry nail polish & nail Clippers!  I got him the Cosmo Card truth/dare game (wink wink) :)

When we headed out for dinner, EVERY place we went to eat at was at LEAST 45 min. to 2 hours!  We went from place to place...NOTHING!  So finally we ate at Whiskey Creek in Rochester!  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!  It was so good and the service was amazing!  Their strawberry lemonade is by far the best :)

Overall, it was an AWESOME day!  I'm so thankful to have such a wonderful husband :)  I love you Schmoopy :) :) :)

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