Sunday, February 12, 2012

Callie's Birthday Wishlist

You might think that we are absolutely crazy for doing this; however, I think most will find it extremely beneficial :)  Josh and I took pictures (on our date) of the things we KNOW Callie will LOVE.  We originally wanted her to pose with everything, but then we realized that she would want to take them home with her - so to avoid a tantrum in the store - we went this route!

NOTE - This is for those family members that want to get Callie a birthday gift.  Don't feel like you have to follow this & you certainly do not have to get her anything.  This is for those family members who have contacted us asking what Callie would like for her birthday.  Josh and I thought it would be easier to do it this way, rather than telling everyone the same thing...and it's good idea to help people know what it is she plays with now and enjoys - since not everyone sees her everyday!

Below each picture is a description to help out :) :)  We took these pictures at Toys R Us.

 Dress up SHOES!  We're not sure if she's into the "clothes" yet, but she LOVES the shoes!  Whenever we pick her up from daycare, she's walking around in their dress shoes!

 Callie is totally into Sesame Street right now, so you'll discover MANY Sesame Street toys!!  This is a "house/town" thing - and there are fun cars that go with it.  She loves cars right now as well :)

 Cookie Monster's Find & Learn Number Blocks - She LOVES COOKIE monster!  She already has the toy where you feed him cookies!!

 Elmo's Find & Learn Alphabet Blocks - this was a mommy & daddy choice.  She loves Elmo, so why not learn her letters while she plays with him :)

 Callie LOVES bath time!  Here's a Water Fun Elmo...

 Grandma Lynn bought Callie Big Bird ABC's for Valentine's Day - she carries him everywhere!  Here's the "Rocking Shapes & Colors Elmo"!!

 Rocking 123 Ernie - which she also loves!  Are you noticing a trend here?  Callie LOVES Sesame Street!  It's CRAZY!  She's addicted!

 An Abby Cadabby Doll - you have GOT to be kidding?  Yup - she'd go crazy!

 We had a great sandbox; however, it had a tarp over it and just didn't work out.  Callie LOVED playing in it last summer, but we tore it apart when it was finally cool enough (remember the SCORCHING HEAT) to play outside!  We realized we need a sandbox with a lid on it!  There was a turtle one and crab one as well, but Josh liked this one best, because it won't be so obnoxious in our yard :)

 When do you start your child on a trike?  Well, here's a great one that we can help her out until she is ready to pedal!  I'm thinking by this summer she could be pedaling?!?!  And we decided to go with a girly color!

Callie not only LOVES Sesame Street & Dress Up - but she's OBSESSED with her babies!  She has some babies & loves them!  I took this picture of the entire isle at Toys R Us, because anything to go with babies would satisfy this girl :)  She does have a great wooden baby crib that she got for Christmas this year, and she does not need a baby stroller.  Anything else is A-OK :)

We hope you find this helpful!  If you ABSOLUTELY want to get her something off this list and don't want someone else to get it, let me know and I'll mark it.  

If you want to do something totally different - please do - she'll LOVE anything!

She's currently wearing a size 24 months/2T.  Please avoid clothes that have a onsie with a button crotch.  Callie is potty trained and no longer wearing them.  Which means, YES, she has a lot of REALLY CUTE clothes that we don't have her wear anymore - but it makes going potty independently much easier for her!  We're so proud of her :)

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