Thursday, June 10, 2010

Time slips away...

Time is quickly disappearing. I feel like I was just opening up our planner for the summer days...figuring out what was going on, where we needed to be, how long we needed to be there, and who was going to be involved...

Now I have 2 days of cooking and baking until it is Callie's BAPTISM! Seriously...I remember planning this out, thinking - "Wow, when Callie gets baptized, she will be almost 3 months old"...and NOW IT IS HERE :( :( :( :(

There are so many things I am grateful for, but I also know that with time going as quickly as it is, Callie will grow up and soon be too independent for her mommy :( Believe me, I was there. Lucky for my mom...that phase didn't last long and I quickly latched back on to needing my mommy!

If you can believe it, Callie is now HOLDING HER HEAD UP!!! Yes folks, she is STRONG :) We have enjoyed holding her under her armpits and watching her dance around! She moves her little feet, stops to smile and laugh and then keeps moving! She LOVES to dance to music :)

These past 2 nights, I have laid Callie in her crib - AWAKE. I feed her, rock her, read her the same bedtime story, say a prayer with her, and then kiss her. I tell her I love her and that I will see her in the morning when the morning light shines down on us! Then I lay her down...while she is still awake. I don't close her door all the way, just a crack - and then just like that...she's sleeping :) Last night she slept for 12 straight hours! Can you believe it. Josh asked me if I checked to make sure she was still alive...12 hours! I just wish I would have gone to bed earlier - then I would have had just as much sleep!

There are many fun and exciting events coming up for Miss Callie...I will try to do a better job at keeping some updates :)

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