Thursday, June 24, 2010

Callie is a Quarter year old!!

Yes you read that correct...Callie is 3 months old! Can you believe it :)

She has been so busy these past three months too! She has grown A LOT...she's still a little peanut, but she is a lot bigger than she used to be. She doesn't have another Dr.'s appointment until her 4 month check-up (which is more shots :( ); however, according to Wii Fit, Callie is about 11.5 pounds! She is really long too! Her 3 month clothes are big on her around her little belly, but they're getting tight length wise.

She is doing A LOT of talking...I have posted a lot of videos on Facebook. They upload so much faster than the blog, so I post more videos on FB rather than on here...

Callie is a good eater! She has been eating 4 ounces of milk every couple hours. We are still adding the rice cereal to help thicken her milk (I'm no long nursing; however, she is still drinking breast milk-we're just adding rice cereal to my milk to thicken it up). It has been staying down in her tummy better, and she isn't spitting up...AS MUCH!

On June 13th, Callie had a big day: She was BAPTIZED!!!
My sister Heidi and her husband Bruce are Godparents, and Josh's sister Kayla and her fiance Mike are also Godparents! Callie sure lucked out by having some great Godparents!
"Shellum" Girls...I love my sisters so much :)
All 7 Grandkids together :)

Godparents: Auntie Heidi & Uncle Bruce
Godparents: Auntie Kayla & Uncle Mike
She was such a good girl on her special day :) Every night before she goes to sleep, I (or Josh) read her the story "Goodnight Moon" and then I say a prayer with her before she goes to sleep. Lately I've noticed that she calms down when she hears me start telling her the story (I have it memorized now). During our prayer, she is looking up at the ceiling, beyond me...and she stares into the same spot every time. I like to think that Jesus is there, watching over her through the night!
Josh's FIRST Father's Day!
Callie sleeping during the Miss MN lady-like
Miss Minnesota 2009, Brooke Kilgarriff was REALLY excited to finally meet Callie
Daddy's softball game :)

She sleep so peacefully! She has been going to bed around 7:30-8:00ish and waking up around 9:00 AM! She hasn't been waking up at all...just sleeping straight through the night for 12-13 hours! We think that is why she eats so much during the day!
Happy "First" Father's Day 2010!

My mom informed me that us "Shellum Girls" were early teethers...and I think Callie has this gene. She is already teething...sometimes it is terrible. She will just scream for no reason. It breaks our hearts...but eventually (usually within 5 minutes) we get her calmed down and she's okay.
Callie has a very busy schedule coming up! Twins games, 4th of July at the Lakes and play dates :) Stay tuned, I will try to keep this updated more frequently!

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