Sunday, June 13, 2010

Callie doesn't like to miss anything :)

Callie has this amazing personality :) In the morning, when she wakes up, she will coo a little to let us know that she is up (we can hear her on the monitor). Then we have some time to brush out teeth, use the bathroom, get her a bottle (because we have to add rice to my milk now...), and come back into her room.
This is typically how we find her in the morning...I had to capture it on video :)

I love her cheery personality :)

Just recently, we stayed overnight at my mom and dad's house. Since we don't bring monitors, the pack 'n play is in the same room as us - so when Callie wakes up, we both wake up!

This is a video clip of Callie at 4 AM...wide awake and chipper :)

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