Friday, February 20, 2009

The Cat Rancher's

As most of you know already, we have three cats! Striker, Cooper & Kix!

Striker is a lover. He will follow you around and meow at you until you pet him. He loves up to me, but tends to ignore Josh when it comes to cuddling. He's my boy!

Cooper is a SPAZ! (maybe it comes from spazonu - Josh's screen name?!!?) Actually, I think he is Autistic. He jumps at any sudden movement and attacks without you looking. He also likes objects that move. Whether it is the lazer light on the floor, toys, the mouse cursor on our computers, or the moving hand from our Nintendo Wii (his latest fixation)...then he gets his fat self in the way so we can't see...

Kix on the other hand - he is the loving cat that Josh has wanted! He is a lap friend - well, Josh's lap friend. It is a 100% guarantee...whenever Josh sits down at his computer, Kix is up on his lap in a matter of seconds. It's like shaking a can of kitty treats...Kix hears the chair moving on the hard wood floor and he is up in his lap so fast! I try to put him in my lap - and nope...He hops right over to Josh's...I get so jealous...

Anyway, one day Kix was laying on Josh's lap. Josh was just petting right under his chin. Low and behold, Kix started kicking his leg by reflex. It was the cutest thing ever, I had to tape it!
When Josh stopped, Kix moved and he had drooled (unintentionally) all over himself...poor cat!

So hurry up and get down here to visit these CRAZY cats of ours! I thought it was about time we write about them...

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  1. So glad Cooper's baby sister Meeko isn't like her big brother spaz!


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