Sunday, February 22, 2009

Trip to the Olson Farm!

Josh and I traveled to Taylor, WI with Jason and Lisa Denzer this past weekend. They asked us to be the Godparents to their handsome son Casey!! It was such an adventure!

The first thing the Denzer's told us when we arrived was that on our way home they would take us on the "scenic" and "back roads" to get back to Austin. I was in shock, because I'm pretty sure the road we traveled on WAS the back roads!

Lisa's parents live there and have more than 200 cows! So you can guess what I did for the first time :) I threw on some old clothes and her dad, Paul's, carheart jacket - I looked so cool!!! Josh wasn't really for it, because he grew up in Long Prairie, and they have farms all over the place.

I had this vision in my mind: 5-10 cows, happy, friendly just eagerly waiting for me to milk them. WRONG! They smell, there were a TON of them, and they did NOT want to be milked.

Our journey began by a couple calves licking my hand. Then one of them had my entire hand inside his mouth. I was too grossed out to take it out...I think I felt his uvula.

Then Paul, Lisa's Dad, tried telling me that you have to pump the cow's tail a few times to get him ready for milking. I would have believed him if he wouldn't have been laughing as he was telling me! But I did it! I put the milk pumping device right on the tit of the cow!

Sunday morning we woke up and went to Taylor Lutheran Church for Casey's Baptism. He looked SO HANDSOME! Poor little guy has been fighting a cold, but he was such a trooper! It's tough when you fall asleep and someone pours water on your head!

It was so much fun to meet our dear friend's family! I always feel even closer to someone when you know the family! The Denzer's (Jason, Lisa, Ava & Casey) all mean so much to Josh and I! Your friendship means the world to us!

We are now the proud Godparents to Casey Paul Denzer, and we are going to kick some major butt if anyone tries to start anything with you :)

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  1. Cori,
    Did you get to try any "cow pies" while on the farm? XOXOXO Mom


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