Sunday, March 11, 2012

Uncle Bruce is here :) :)

Bruce, Heidi and the boys have been living in Okinawa, Japan since July 2010.  I know they have loved every minute of it, and we have missed them so much - but I will be very greedy here...I am VERY excited to have them back in the states :)

Here are some facts: Bruce is in the states for the month of March for training.  He is also house hunting for Heidi and the boys.  The whole family is flying back in late June (YEAH).  Their ginormous dog, Trooper is staying with my mom and dad until June :)  Heidi and the boys will be living somewhere in MN (close to my parents!).  On the sad side, Bruce will be stationed in Saudi Arabia for a year :(  We are really going to miss him...

This past weekend, Bruce was at my mom and dads house, so we packed up and headed there :)  It was SO good to see Bruce again ;)  And most importantly, I was SO excited that Callie was able to see her Uncle/Godfather again :)  We sure missed Heidi and the boys, but this was some good uncle/niece bonding time :)

When we first got there Friday night, Bruce hadn't flown in yet, but was going to arrive about 9:00 PM (we tried to keep Callie up, but she was ASKING to go to sleep!).  It was so funny though - we walked in, she wanted Grampa and that was that.  Everywhere she went, he had to go with - yes, this included the bathroom!  I love this picture, because Callie was trying to poop, while my dad just sat there and kept her company :) Haha!  Thanks dad!

It took a little bit for Callie to warm up to Uncle Bruce - as I figured it would.  She hasn't seen him since she was 3 months old!  But let me tell you - that was VERY quick to change :)  He changed the batteries in one of her toys and BAM - instant friends :)  She calling for him, but instead of saying "Uncle Bruce" it came out "Bunckle Goose"  Hahaha!!!!

Callie had a blast playing with Trooper too!  At first, Trooper would run away from her anytime she went near him.  I think he was scared of her size :)  Callie slowly started moving closer to him, and then she gave him a treat - from that point on...she could get as close as she wanted :)  She also can't say "Trooper" - instead she calls him "Pooper"!

I took this SUPER cute video of Callie singing to Trooper!  (Heidi - you'll have to have Trygg watch this!)

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