Sunday, March 4, 2012

Callie's room is COMPLETE!

Callie's room has been a work in progress, mainly because we were waiting out new stages; however, our big girl is seriously big.  I mean, check out this precious face...this is her saying "cheese" for the camera :)  What a ham!

Here's a little 360 of her room :)  This is her little reading corner!  She LOVES it - especially now that we've added her rug!  She is in there with her books, babies and magnetic alphabet letters ALL the time!

Her big girl bed - which she LOVES! Couple things that will be different: 1. we have officially removed the bed rails!  She sleeps up against the wall side of the bed, and we've had them down for a week and she hasn't fallen, so we've taken it out :)  2. This particular night stand is going to be in the nursery - but for now it's housing her books.  I haven't decided if I want to mount some book shelves (there are some at Ikea that would be awesome) or what...but we want books by her bed.  Whenever Callie wakes up from either her nap or in the morning, she sits on her bed calling for us.  If we don't come, she grabs a books and just sits there.  She NEVER gets out of bed - not until we've come in to get her :)

Daddy painted her dresser to match her room :)  She also has her baby crib and her toy chest in her room (our friend's made that for her!)  The light that is on is new and she is obsessed with it :)  She thinks it is so great having her own pink light!  Her CD player plays two CD's - Taylor Swift by day & Baby Einstein by night!

Every little girl room needs some Sesame Street Characters :)  Again - the night stand is not going to be in there!  Unless we find a nice white one - then we'll keep one there.  We also bought a matching floor rug - she likes to dance on it :)

Just another view of her big girl room :)

Callie showing off where her baby sleeps!  She was even nice enough to share her "nice blankie" as she calls it :)

Kisses for baby :)

So there you have it - Callie's big girl room!  I still can't believe she isn't swaddled in a blanket like a burrito - looking huge in her crib...this time is going WAY too fast :(  I want it to STOP so I can bottle more of it up and keep her forever!

We have an XBox Kinnect, and Josh has been trying to get Callie to play the "Elmo" game!  She does pretty well with it now!  She is jumping up and down here, because that is what Elmo said to do :)  So cute!

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  1. That is one awesome big girl room!! Nice job :)
    I laughed reading that she stays on her bed til you come get her. Cole did the same thing until he was about 3 years old! Such well behaved children those first-borns are!


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