Sunday, March 11, 2012

27 Weeks: Baby Back Ribs

This week has been pretty exciting for me - I won't lie!  I also won't be the first to tell you that it is rather uncomfortable carrying more than one child!  Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE being pregnant - I would do this all the time (but you know money, space, food - that all plays a pretty big roll in raising a child - or 3)...

Our babies are currently opening and closing their eyes any time they please!  If you get really close, they might see you :)  Just kidding!  But they are also sleeping and waking at regular intervals!  I wonder if one of them is sleeping and one is awake - if they wake each other up?  Or if they sleep and are awake at the same time!?  I don't wake up from them moving, so I'm hoping that is a good sign (and don't bust my bubble of hoping they'll be good sleepers for me...just let me dream!)

Lately, this carrying twin babies business has NOT been easy.  This blog post isn't going to be as bubbly as most posts typically it's okay to feel a smidge bad for me...I mean, this is my last pregnancy.

This week, the swelling has started kicking in.  It's not super noticeable unless I point it out to you - or you see it an you're just being nice!  My feet still fit in ALL of my shoes; however, I notice by the end of the day that my feet are a little bit bigger than normal - a little puffier...  Also, I've noticed my fingers swelling up more than usual - my rings are getting tight :(  I didn't wear them all day today (Sunday) and it drove me nuts :( :(

My stomach is doing all sorts of changes.  It is REALLY hard and almost impossible to bend over, and then it is cramping up - but not a contraction cramping up - more of a "my muscles are going to rip apart" cramping...

I can no longer see below my stomach.  I look down and see a big double bubble (as a friend of mine at work calls me).

Breathing is almost impossible.  If you've ever been to Denver, CO and have ran the stairs at Red Rocks - you know the feeling when you seriously can't breathe...well, that's me...ALL THE TIME!  It's okay, because I'm still able to breathe, but don't judge me if I seem 100% out of breath much more quickly!  Walking from one place to another has me winded!

The worst - which I saved for last: MY BACK!  I know I have mentioned how it has been bothering me, but this week, I finally did something about it.  Josh convinced me to go into the chiropractor on Thursday and have a maternity massage.  I had about 4-5 of these when I was pregnant with Callie and they are amazing!  The best part is being able to lay on your stomach :)

I went in and explained the feeling felt like someone had a nail in my back and was screwing it in tighter and tighter...then I mentioned how it felt like one of my ribs was going to burst through my skin...

My masseuse, who was AMAZING and I will for sure be going back, asked if I could feel any pressure in a certain part of my back - I explained no, but that was the EXACT spot it hurt.  Well, long story short - looks like these babies need more room.  I have a smaller rib cage and it's not going to be big enough ... they have caused one of my ribs to come out of alignment - it is a "displaced" rib cage...something that is VERY common with women who are pregnant.  I am going to contact my doctor to make sure this is okay to receive treatment for...if so - I can't wait to feel good again :)

So yeah - that explains it - displaced ribs - Thanks babies :)  (hence the title for this blog: Baby Back Ribs!)

My new favorite is when everyone asks me how I'm feeling (which is TOTALLY normal, I do it to pregnant mom's ALL THE TIME & I remind myself, they wouldn't ask if they didn't care)...
But you know when you go to the bank (example) and the banker asks how you are doing and you always answer with an "I'm good, thank you" - or something along those lines...EVEN if you are having a TERRIBLE day!?  Well, I've decided, carrying twins is 100% different...when someone asks me how I am doing - I'm going to be brutally honest...WHY!?  Because 1. it's twins, and it is COMPLETELY different than a singleton pregnancy.  You doubt it?  Well, ask yourself this question - have you carried twins!?  and 2. So few people will experience a twin pregnancy that I feel I owe it to whomever asks me to tell them how it really is...

So here is what I tell people:
"Well, it is COMPLETELY different than a pregnancy with one's a lot more exhausting and a lot more uncomfortable.  There isn't enough room, so the babies are deciding to make their own by kicking my rib cage out ... it's a great feeling.  I feel fat and swollen all the time and I still have a lot of time left... Other than that - I'm feeling GREAT!  At least I'm sleeping good!"

Which, by the way, in case you were wondering - that is starting to go as well...

Also - I'm including this picture because it makes me sad...I had two stretch marks on my sides from Callie, but they were so small nobody could see them...but guess what - they are here :(  and they're here to stay :(  At least mine look like this:

And not like this (oh you poor, poor thing...I pray to God mind don't get like this...I found this picture on Google...sorry lady with crazy red tiger stripes...)

I do love being pregnant, but I have a high pain tolerance, and my aching back is doing me in...

Twins 1 - Mommy 0


  1. I had such a rough third pregnancy with not being able to breath. I can't even imagine how it feels to have 2 babies in there! Thanks god you are due before it gets really hot and humid. That would just fuel the fire! you look amazing by the way! Sadly my stomach looks like the 2nd picture, but without the red. Totally sucks :(

  2. hello.. i am 27 weeks pregnant with twins and feeling miserable.. i dont feel like doing anything.. and it seems like no one understands, so its really nice to read this.. my feet are swelling too and i have a lot of work to do with no energy.. sometimes i get stuck on my back.. its hard to sleep.. heart burn sucks waking up in the middle of the night to get tums, after trying hard to get comfortable. the babies are in my ribs soo much and is very painful.. in the front i can push down a little bit to relieve it but they get in my ribs in my back and theres no helping it.. it feels really nice to get this out.. im miserable.. only a little bit longer and our little babies will be here and theyll be crying instead of us :) good luck.

    1. Tiphani, I am so excited for you and your husband - there is nothing more special than twins! Pregnancy was uncomfortable, but if you can - I highly recommend you see a chiropractor that specializes in prenatal adjustments. I never had been to a chiro prior to my pregnancy visits -but I LOVED them! It took about 5 adjustments before I felt relief. My ribs were so pushed out that I was going twice a week and my chiro gave me her cell number over the weekends in case I couldn't handle the pain - talk about amazing!

      I would LOVE to email you for support, questions, complaining - anything! Feel free to email me:

      SO SO SO excited for you!


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