Friday, January 9, 2015

Big Life Decision...

So Callie made a HUGE life decision tonight.  I was getting the boys into their pajamas, and Callie sighed... I looked up at her and I kid you not, this was our conversation:

Mom - "What's wrong?"
Callie - "Nothing, I just decided I don't want to live in Florida."
Mom - "Oh really!?  What made you decide that?"
Callie - "Well, I just decided I wanted to live in Austin, MN when I am older, because I think my kids will like to play in the snow!"
Mom - "I bet they will enjoy that, especially considering how much you enjoy it!"
Callie - "Yeah, I'm going to have twins too!"
Mom - "Oh really!  That's exciting.  What will you name them?"
Callie - "They'll be girls.  One will be Alice and I haven't decided on the other name yet.  I'll probably have to talk to their dad about it."
Mom - "Who is their dad going to be?"
Callie - "I don't know that yet, mom!"
Mom - "Of course!  Do you know what he'll look like?"
Callie - "He'll be tall like daddy, have yellow hair and he'll be funny."
Mom - "He sounds perfect!"

The conversation ended there and I thought we were done for the night...but NOPE!  This girl just gets better with the night hours!

I had put the boys to bed and was heading into her room to read her a book and kiss her goodnight...She crawled into her bed, and as I was covering her up, it started again...

Callie - "Will you hand me my phone, please?" (mind you this is my old cell phone - a flip phone!  Pink with crown and jewel dangle things!  Totally girly!
Mom - "Yes, but I don't want you playing on it all night!" (I seriously just play along with these conversations!
Callie - "I won't, but I'm waiting for a text from Jason!"
Mom - "Jason!!!??" (referring to Jason Denzer in my tone)
Callie - "Not that Jason, a different Jason."
Mom - "Oh I see, and how do we know this boy?!"
Callie - "He wants to marry me, but I don't want to marry him."

I chuckled and grabbed her book.  As I was opening to the first page she lets out the loudest sigh of disgust while looking at her phone...

Mom - "What's the matter?"
Callie - "It's Jason.  His battery is about to die so he has to charge his phone.  He can't call me tonight!"
Mom - "I hate when that happens."
Callie - "Oh it's okay - my new game just finished downloading!  The Penguin Slide!"
Mom - "Oh Callie, I love you so much!"

Seriously, I love her imagination and I love that she will continue carrying on these conversations in her own little world :)

Callie, please don't ever change!

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