Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Potty WHAT!

So, if you remember back to this summer, I had posted about Callie using the potty quite frequently!  She was doing so well :)  Then she had a setback - she got an ear infection, which caused her to go on antibiotics, and then gave her a yeast infection :(  Poor girl associated her potty with pain.

During this school year, she has been slowly going more and more at Jessica's house!  YEAH!  But would NEVER EVER go at our house.  Not sure if she still thinks the potty we had for her was the devil or what, but it was not happening.

Last Friday, Callie went potty on Jessica's potty again, so I said, "THAT'S IT!"  I went to the store and bought the SAME potty that Jessica has :)  And new panties!

Yesterday, Callie went on the potty at Jessica's 4 times!!  Callie and I got home, I put her in her panties, and we waited!

Callie had one accident - DARN!  But that's okay, it happens!  It can be cleaned up :)  A little while later, she peed on the potty!  THANK YOU LORD!  Granted we have the potty in our kitchen, because we're afraid she'll hate it if it's in the bathroom where her "old" one was...

It was about 7:25 and Callie said "pee pee", so we sat her down on the potty.  She sat, and sat, and sat, and sat!  About 7:40ish, Josh suggested we get her ready for bed!  I wasn't quite ready, because earlier that night, she did the same thing and eventually just got up and said, "I'm done".  So I figured she would get up when she was ready!

So we decided to ignore her!  Within a few minutes - plop plop plop!  YEAH!  Poo Poo in the potty :)  We were beside ourselves excited!

After she went to bed, I quickly ran to Target to get some of the "thicker" panties - the training kind, so she can wear them to and from Jessica's (in the car).  And then I went grocery shopping - at 9:00 at night, because I didn't want to go after school with Callie...mainly I wanted to get her home and into a pantie :)

TODAY - at Jessica's!!!!  She pottied 4 times in the morning, refused to wear a diaper for her nap (good thing Jessica found a pull-up) and then pottied 1 more time in the afternoon before I picked her up!  NO ACCIDENTS!

Tonight - she peed on her potty 2 times, then pooped on her potty!  ZERO accidents!  I put her in the bathtub for her bath and within seconds, she stood up and said, "Pee Pee" - so I took her out, soaking wet and all, plopped her on her potty and guess what...she PEED!!!!

She went to bed having gone on the potty having peed 8 times today and pooped 1 time today!  NO ACCIDENTS ALL DAY LONG :)  I am so proud of her!

Wow - big girl!  I can't believe this is happening.  Wasn't it JUST yesterday that Josh and I were changing her VERY FIRST diaper in the hospital after giving birth to her?  Now she's ready to be done with them!

You go girl, mommy and daddy are SO proud of you :)

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