Monday, January 9, 2012

Week 18 Ultra Sound!

Did you actually think I'd make you wait until the weekend to see these BEAUTIFUL babies!?!

These three pictures are probably the last pictures of both babies together.  The technician informed me that as they get bigger, it is much harder to capture both of them in one picture!

Our appointment went awesome :)  It was a two hour ultra sound - it's the long one where they take all the measurements of both babies.  Here are some of the statistics:

Baby A:
Measuring 8 ounces
Due Date expected June 10
Laying Transverse right now
Heart Rate is 137 BPM




 Not quite sure - it's face and arm maybe!?

 Creepy Eye on the face!  Also, the black spot on the left is his/her stomach!

Baby B:
Measuring 8 ounces
Due Date expected June 9
Laying Transverse right now
Heart Rate is 146 BPM

 Face & Tummy

 Profile with spine


This position does not look comfortable 

 HI BABY!  Checking us out :)

They are both measuring the same size, which is AWESOME!  They weren't moving around that much - they were actually really chill :)  They moved whenever the technician was trying to get the heart beat :)  They are both laying on their sides - which is fine, because they still have a lot of time to grow and turn!  IF they are laying like this on D-Day - it will be an automatic c-section.

Here's what else I learned!  So if you remember heart rates from my past blogs, Baby A was at 155 BPM at one point and is now at 137 BPM.  Baby B was from 152 BPM to 144 BPM to 137 BPM to 146 BPM.  I thought for sure Baby B was going to be a boy - but after today's appointment...I'm stumped!  The technician informed me that the old wives tales mean NOTHING!  She's seen babies heart rates in the high 160's that are boys and low 130's that are girls!  So much for my predictions :)

I guess the way I carry will be out the window too, considering it's twins!

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  1. So why is one due date June 9 and one June 10? Hmmm...that is very interesting! So happy for you Cori! I love following your blog. Callie is adorable ~ but I know that you already know that!! ;-) Let me know if you are ever in CR! I'd love to meet her in person ~ and see you too, of course!


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