Monday, January 30, 2012

21 - 16 - 2...What these numbers have in common!

You must be asking yourself - what do the numbers 21-16-2 have in common?

Well, let me tell you!

21 - we are at week 21 :)  I have been feeling GREAT!  I have a good amount of energy - probably more than to be expected from a mother of a toddler, a full time teacher, and a woman pregnant with twins!  But I do have a good amount!  I like to give my credit to the good night's rest I receive almost every night :)  It is a very rare occasion for me to wake up in the middle of the night to use the restroom.

Our twins currently weigh about 3/4 of a pound and are about 10.5 inches long (the length of a carrot!).  Our babies currently have eye brows, and their lids are now present!

This week we had a check up with our Dr.  If you remember from our last Dr.'s appointment (end of December) it was a tough visit for us; however, if you also remember in that same post, I commented that we recognized that EVERYONE is entitled to a bad day and a busy day.  We felt that our Dr. had that kind of day.

This past appointment was completely different.  It was an appointment like "the old times" - if that's the right thing I'm trying to say.  I'm so glad that we didn't jump to conclusions!  Our Dr. made me feel so good about myself and he answered several questions I had!  Josh had a basketball game, and with the timing, there wasn't any rescheduling; HOWEVER, my best friend Alyssa wanted to come down and hang out - little did she know that I had an she came with to hear heart beats :)

Here are some statistics!  Babies are both growing and doing wonderfully!  I'm growing - as you can tell from the pictures!  So that brings me to the next number...

16 - When I first got pregnant, I weighed in at 150 pounds.  I felt really good about myself, because granted I weighed 5 pounds more than I did "pre-Callie" - I was healthy and physically fit!  I like to call that 150 pounds of muscle!  My first trimester I hadn't gained any weight with these twins...and then in Dec. I had only gained 4 pounds.  I remember thinking, "Man, when is the weight going to kick in?"  Well, 16...I stepped on the scale and weigh 16 pounds MORE than I did before I got pregnant!  AHHHH - HOLY CRAP, that's a lot of weight!  166 pounds...WOW!  Josh was quick to remind me that I am having twins.

Baby A has a heart beat of 136 BPM and Baby B has a heart beat of 144 BPM.  
Bending over is getting VERY difficult, because there are two babies in there.  Honestly, I'm not so sure how much longer I will be able to shave my legs...OH JOSH!
No wonder my stomach feels so heavy and that it is crazy hard doing a lot of movement...these two babies are getting BIG!  And I still have a ton of time left!

My Dr. told me that I am the 2nd happiest pregnant woman with twins that he has ever met :)  What a compliment!  I do love being pregnant...and I feel so good!  

Some other projects we have completed this week:
I have sewed 4 crib sheets.  They are all the same fabric, but that way we'll have back ups!

 As you can tell Callie wanted her mattress back!

On Saturday (the actually week 21 mark), Callie went down for a nap for the FIRST time in her BIG GIRL BED (a different post), and Josh and I walked into the nursery to see what we could do.  Honestly, I'm not sure what we WERE going to do in the first place, but we quickly started ripping up the carpet!

Oh yes, that is beautiful hardwood floors underneath!  SCORE!!!  Josh is hard at work!  He ripped it up and cut the carpet into chunks.  We were going to save it for Callie's future playhouse (that I hope is still being built this summer by the men in our family!), but it is gross and we decided against it.

My job - I pulled up the staples - not hard, but let me tell you - remember that "weight and bending" thing I talked about?  Oh yeah - I felt it the next day!


2 - In the two hours that Callie slept (we let her sleep a little longer because of our project - usually it's 1.5 hours) - we ripped up all of the carpet, pulled up all of the staples, swept, and disposed of everything!  The only parts left are:
- pull up the tack boards
- lower the baseboards or put some sort of spacer thing in the bottom
- fix the piece by the door (where the hallway carpet meets the hardwood floor
- Swiffer the floors!

Josh is half way done with the 2nd Gopher, and the M has yet to be started!  In the picture above, you can see our beautiful trunk (that was hand made for us!) - well, that is where the dresser/changing table is going to be.  Above that, Josh is going to have the big Gopher "M" on the wall.  I tried convincing him to paint that and then write "GOPHERS" through it - but he said it'd be too hard :(  Maybe I can sweet talk him into it!

The other blank wall in this room will house picture frames of our babies :)

So, as you can see: 21-16-2...all important numbers...I just don't like the middle one :)

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