Sunday, January 22, 2012

Date Night, Play Date & Sillies :)

For Christmas, Josh and I decided to MAKE each other something this year!  Granted we didn't give each other these gifts until January - they are still special :)  Josh gave me an album that has pictures in it from every stage of our relationship - THAT HE DREW!  It is so awesome and special :)  There is a 'to be continued' section as well :)  Hey Josh - make sure you continue!!!

I gave Josh 12 envelopes that were filled with "Monthly pre-planned Date Ideas"!  I got this idea from Pinterest, so I did some research and planned everything out according to our likings, our time, and basically - what our summer is going to look like.  There are some dates that require us to go out (so we need sitters) and some that are at home (here's to hoping 3 children will be asleep at one time!)

Saturday evening, our sitter arrived at 4:30 and Josh and I hit the road for Rochester :)  His January pre-planned date had a choice of either Outback Steakhouse or Olive Garden (two restaurants I was craving) & a movie at home.  We decided to do some shopping!  Josh chose Outback on our drive there, so it was in my head and the cravings were kicking in!  There was no turning back...even with a 55 minute wait!  So we walked to "Savers" which is right next to Outback.  It's a consignment store.  We took one step inside and were ready to leave - it stunk!  But we've heard our friends have found some great buys in there, so we thought we'd give it a try!

We found "Pizza Elmo" - something Josh has been wanting to get Callie forever now, but can't find anywhere!  And a Tickle Me Cookie Monster!  Talk about two AWESOME finds for 8 bucks total!

We also went to Office Max and bought a computer piece - but the best buy here was that I had found a $15.00 gift card to O.M. in my wallet - SCORE!  Josh was able to hook a computer/Internet up to our TV upstairs - now both TV's have Internet on them :)  I can watch ANYTHING upstairs now...WHOA WHO!

Our dinner was perfect and Josh and I were able to relax and have a great time!

After dinner, we drove to Babies R Us to look at car seats - on our way there we saw the most beautiful sign EVER!  Austin friends - COLOR ME MINE IS BACK IN ROCHESTER!!!!  It's located behind Savers towards the mall :)  SCORE!  We are so going there next time (wish I would have known, I'd have added it to our date nights!).

Babies R Us informed us that we can take car seats to our vehicle to measure everything out and make sure they all fit - THANK YOU :)  Put that on our list of things to do!

We were laughing, because we kept joking about going to "Bed Bath & Beyond & Home Depot" - from the movie Old School - as their Saturday afternoon!

My favorite part was sitting in the "massage" chairs that they have at BBB and using the foot massage :)  PERFECTION!  

Perfect night with my PERFECT husband :)  I love these date nights already!  I know we'll go on more dates, but these are 12 dates throughout the year that are fun and we don't have to plan - I already did the work!


We were so fortunate to have one of Callie's friends over for a play date today!  Ella came over for about 2.5 hours and these two girls played their HEARTS out :)  It was so fun to watch them interact with each other more and more as they got more comfortable!  I love when Callie says her name too - it's like she's singing the song "You can stand under my umber-Ella Ella Ella" - because it's all repeated every time!  Here are some pictures from their fun afternoon together :)  Callie slept REALLY HARD after Ella went home...she was WIPED out :)

Ella will turn 2 years old this week!  So they are SUPER close in age :)

Playing together in Callie's play house! 

High Fives!

Lunch together!  I think it would have been nice to have two booster seats!  We later had Ella go up on her knees! 

Ella & Callie share a love of Elmo and all of his friends :)  There's this part of Callie's Cookie Monster toy that he starts singing.  Callie stood up and started dancing - I love that you can see her hair flying in the air as she dances!

The girls were taking turns putting the cookies in his mouth :)  

MMMM - Apples :) 

Painting fun :)  The girls LOVED this and had a blast!  Of course our typical Disney music was on in the background (one of my favorite Pandora stations)... 

:)  This makes me smile! 

:)  Reading a book together!  Elmo Seek & Find 

Pointing to Ernie together!  We were quizzing them on where everyone and everything was - they did AWESOME at this :)

Callie is absolutely HILARIOUS!  She is repeating anything and everything Josh and I say - so if you're around her - WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE!   She has great manners!  She is learning that crying doesn't get her anything, but when she says "pease" she almost always gets what she wanted!  And she follows it with a "tank you"!  We've been saying things like "Whoa Whoa Whoa" - Daddy's line!  And "Oh Geeze" - Mommies line!  I love when Josh says something to me, I respond with a dramatic "NO WAY" and Callie says it the same way!  Haha - too funny!

Here are a few pictures of Callie that just crack us up!

Callie enjoys helping mommy in the kitchen!  Here she is with her "own" cutting mat, the tops of the green pepper and one of her "knives" - they are more for practicing!  She knows to bring over "mommies chair" so she can help!  We made fajitas that night! 

She was working with green peppers, tomatoes and water :) 

After dinner, it's time to clean up!  Notice we removed the "Swiffer" bottle - she is constantly pushing the button, so we just let her "dust" the floor for us! 

When we were cleaning out one of the rooms, we found part of our friend Lisa's Halloween costume from 2 years ago :)  Callie likes it :)

Callie and her BEST FRIEND!

She plays AWESOME by herself - this is how we found her...haha - Seriously kid, you crack me up :)  Her toy corner is a complete mess EVERY DAY...and why we clean it up at night is still beyond me!

Not sick, not even tired - just wanted to watch Elmo & she figured this was the best way to do it: )

Potty training is not going very well, but she enjoys wearing her panties!  She's going to KILL me for this picture later, but when she pulls them up, she always forgets to pull them up in the back!  Hehehe!  I love her cute little butt!

Auntie Heidi gave her this for her first birthday!  When Callie first turned 1, she loved riding in it!  Turns out - at the age of 22 months - she still fits :)  A little more crammed, but still having fun!  (there's her Pizza Elmo too!"

Of course Kixie had to go for a ride :)  So sweet!

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