Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week 20

20 Weeks already - I can't believe it!  I'm looking down at my stomach constantly thinking - HOLY CATS...20 weeks and I'm already this big!!!

So I just did something and now I'm regretting it!  I opened up my "McBaby" folder of pictures, scrolled down to my 20 week photo - and HOLY CATS!  I was in NORMAL dress pants :)  And hardly anything there.  I know, I have two babies in me, but now I'm feeling rather large!

So, here I am - TODAY!  20 weeks pregnant with TWINS!

Compared to 20 weeks pregnant with Callie...

And here I think is a good comparison to NOW...Here I am 29 weeks pregnant with Callie!  (showing again me NOW so you can see the comparison!


So, now that we've seen THAT!

Our two babies weigh about 10.5 ounces and are both about 10 inches long from head to heel :)  That my friends, is the length of a BANANA!!!  They are also producing Meconium (the black, sticky substance) that will be his/her's first bowel movements!  I still remember changing Callie's diaper for the first time!  I had changed A LOT of diapers, but nothing prepared me for THIS one!  Now we'll have TWO of them :)

According to "The Baby Center" - this is what our twins look like this week:
Twin babies, fetuses at 20 weeks - BabyCenter
Pretty crazy if you ask me :)

This week has been pretty eventful :)  On Wednesday at work, I was completely exhausted and tight all over. That night, my friend Pam and I went to Rochester to attend our first "MOM Meeting" (Mother's of Multiples).  It was so much fun and I think this will be a really good thing for me to be involved in - it's a great support system for those questions I have!  I will be honest though - my favorite part of the trip was asking Pam nonstop questions (she was blessed with triplets-turned 1 today!) and hearing tips from her about multiples during pregnancy, during delivery, at home and tips with family members/visitors (this one was very helpful!)  No worries, Josh and I are working on our plans already :)

By the time I got home, I was exhausted.  Pam and I had talked about taking a day to stay at home and keep my feet up.  I didn't want to, because I wanted to save my sick days for maternity leave; however, Pam is very wise!  She explained that if I don't take a day to myself - that will be a quick ticket to Bed Rest...something I want to avoid!  So...Thursday, I took a day off of work!  I didn't need a sub that day, so I didn't have to stress about lesson plans :)

Instead, I slept until 11, but was woken by my phone ringing - it was Josh, asking if I wanted lunch!  What a sweet hubby :)  It was nice to have a lunch date (at home) with my sweetie!  Then after he left to go back to the conference he was attending, I started sewing for the nursery!  I sewed two diaper changing pad covers!  Here is the finalized product!  Thank you Pinterest for the GREAT tutorial :)

I am currently working on making the crib sheets!  These are going to be WICKED easy :)  Once those are finished, I will begin Callie's 2nd Birthday Dress!  So excited!

I have noticed that everything seems to be wiping me out much more quickly.  I can carry Callie around, but within minutes I have to put her down because she is getting too heavy for me.  I'm more winded as well - but considering I look the same way I did when I was 29 weeks pregnant with Callie - Go figure :)

Here's to another week that will hopefully FLY by :)  I love my weekends at home with my precious peanut & hubby :)

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