Monday, January 30, 2012

Changes in Callie's Life

On Monday, January 23rd - Callie came home from daycare having gone potty 4 times in the potty.  Well -that was it - time to do it at our house!  

I'm proud to tell you that after one week - Callie is consistently going potty in the potty and telling us when she needs to go.  There are still accidents, but she's 22 months -that's expected.  We don't go anywhere in panties (well, to and from Jessica's house), without pull ups on!

And when we play outside - we wear a pull up!  Callie also enjoyed playing in the's so warm outside the snow is so sticky :)  Callie got some snow on her face, and instead of crying, she licked it...well, that was it!  She is now an official snow eater :)

Just not the yellow my dad would say :)

We were watching the clouds move quickly through the sky, and watching the moon appear and then disappear as the clouds covered it.  I took this picture below because Callie pointed in that direction and said the following, "Pitty, take pitur" - which obviously translates to "Pretty, take picture!"  So I did!

We had the potty in the kitchen to get her going.  It is now in our bathroom!  And during dinner, when eating tacos, and you have to go potty - why not just get up, take your taco with you - and do your business!  Crazy kid!

Saturday morning, we began taking apart Callie's crib!  She made sure that her puppy could see what daddy was doing :)

After her crib was all out, she decided that she wanted to sleep in the corner with her blankies and her "Goldy Pillow Pet" that she sleeps on every night!

She was helping her daddy A LOT - which was a good thing because it helped the process of her understanding what was happening.  Soon, the daybed bed rails were moved into her room!  No going back now :)  I gave her a rag, pretended to spray pledge on it, and she helped mommy wipe the boards clean!

Taking a water break from mom's cup...while hanging out in the living room with everything from her room :)

BIG GIRL BED!!!  Her new bedding and all :)  Thank you Denzer's for letting us borrow the bed rails :)  They don't match, but we don't mind.  I do have fabric that would look nice, so I may do some velcro covers...but we'll see how long she actually needs them :)

I love this :)

Callie's first nap - it took her 45 minutes to finally fall asleep :)  Here she is - so tiny in her new bed...sleeping away, all curled up nice and cozy!  It reminds me of her first time in her crib as a baby!  She got out of her crib, tried opening her door, came out once, cried often and eventually fell asleep!

She love her new "big girl" bed!  She enjoys going in there and reading her books!  We are trying to encourage her to leave her toys out of her bed.  I want her to know that beds are for sleeping, but she can have her books in there!

Reading books with Daddy in bed :)

Time to get ready for her FIRST night in her big girl bed!  This is it...will she fall asleep?  Will she wake up?  Will she fall out?!

Big girl all ready for her first night :)

As a recap for you - her first night went GREAT!  Callie slept through the entire night.  It only took about 20 minutes for her to settle down.  She only got out of bed once - but a simple reminder had her back in her bed.  She woke us up by turning her music up :)

Back to the potty training - still going great!  She bends ALL the way down to be wiped...which cracks me up!  Oh -and because she wouldn't use the toddler potty we had, we bought the same one that Jessica had at day we have two!  She uses both now, so one is upstairs and one is downstairs :)  HIGHLY recommend this for anyone :)

On Monday when we got home, Callie received a package in the mail from her Gramma & Grampa...something that they have done for all of their grandkids (I LOVE THIS)...

The letter told Callie how proud they were of her for using the big girl potty and how much they loved her!  They included two packages of panties - Princess & My Little Pony!  They also included 4 Elmo books that are easy readers (which we read before bed tonight...Elmo's Shoes was her favorite!).  She was so excited about her new panties that she put on ALL 3 of her Princess panties...Oh Callie!  Never a dull moment :)

Check 'em out Gramma & Grampa :)


  1. That's so great that she's doing so well potty training!! how exciting!

  2. Thanks Andrea! We were pretty surprised - she wasn't showing signs of being ready (at least at home) but all of a sudden decided it was time :) I was prepared to have 3 kids in diapers and now hopefully we'll have just 2!


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